Sports on the 4th: Ws & ?s

✔ Rafael Nadal cruised in the Wimbledon final over some guy we’ve never heard of, the day after Serena added to her Grand Slam total.

Which leaves me wondering if Roger Federer has any more Slam Ws in him? And when there’s going to again be an American who is a legit male tennis star?

✔ Joey Chestnut cruised in the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Championship, but fell 14 franks short of his world record. His arch rival Takeru Kobayashi was prevented from competing because of a contract dispute with the Shea Brothers, who control the International Federation Of Competitive Eating.

Which leaves me wondering if the IFOCE won the battle by banning Kobayashi, but lost the PR war, since Chestnut was never challenged without having to face his arch rival, who watched from the throng gathered at Coney Island?

✔ NBA teams and players are flying about the country with their agents and representatives and handlers and general managers in search of a deal that could change the landscape of the league.

Which leaves me wondering: Wasn’t there a time when all we discussed was who was better? Bird or Magic? The Big O or the The Logo? Russell or Wilt the Stilt? Clyde or The Pearl?

✔ Three European countries — Spain, Germany, The Netherlands — and a surprise from South America — Uruguay — have won their way to the World Cup semi-finals.

Which leaves me wondering whether the free-spirited individualistic style of two favorites — Brazil and Argentina — worked against them in the ultimate team game?

✔ The grand spectacle that is the Tour de France has started. The name of an aging superstar is on the leaderboard.

Which leaves me wondering whether Lance Armstrong — arrogant but talented — can actually win this thing one more time in his final attempt?

✔ Entering play on Independence Day, my two favorite baseball teams — the Tigers and the Reds — are leading their divisions?

Which leaves me wondering whether there might actually be a Detroit vs. Cincy World Series with the possibility of catching a game right up the road?

✔ The murmuring of innuendo about possible transgressions in the basketball program at UK continues relatively unabated, albeit without much substantiation so far.

Which leaves me wondering if my hunch will prove true that John Calipari has a fatal character flaw — grand displays of charity and good will, masking habitual transgressions of NCAA rules — which will turn his Big Blue honeymoon into a Greek tragedy?

✔ College football practice is less than a month away, with the opening kickoff of UK vs. U of L not long after that. Both teams have new coaches with new methods and renewed optimism.

Which leaves me wondering who will be more successful and have more longevity — Charlie Strong or Joker Phillips?

✔ British Ian Darke, one of the excellent group of announcers doing World Cup games on ESPN, used the term “obdurate” yesterday to describe one country’s defense.

Which leaves me wondering why American sports announcers can’t be more literate, more insightful, less hyperbolic, less Mike Patrick?

– Seedy K


  1. cbcard
    Posted July 4, 2010 at 6:41 pm | Permalink

    For the most part the longer our sports announcers are on the air the more cliche ridden they become. They, like most politicians, over stay their welcome.

    But to be fair we hear/see them weekly and that isn’t true of the foreign sportscasters. It is possible that those very familiar with them feel the same way we do about many of ours.

  2. mark
    Posted July 6, 2010 at 9:08 am | Permalink

    Dunga’s decision to embrace defense, similar to the German’s in a strange way, as opposed to the flowing style of the jogos bonito, was Brasil’s undoing. Similarly, the Argie’s porous defense ended their run.

  3. Jason Puckett
    Posted July 6, 2010 at 1:04 pm | Permalink

    I think it’s the Curse of the Gillette Commercial for both Roger Federer and Eldrick Woods.

    Hopefully nothing befalls Derek Jeter in the near future…

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