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Catalonia Declares: No More Bull . . . Fighting

These are halcyon days for sports fans in Spain. National team in the World Cup. W. Favorite son Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon. W. Favorite son Alberto Contador in Tour de France. W. Cue La marcha real. Yet all is not copacetic in Catalonia. The provincial legislature has outlawed bullfighting to the death starting in 2011. […]

New Ball Game in the Commonwealth

This is uncharted territory. We wonder how we should contemplate it? Or, whether we should at all? It is an unprecedented situation that, in a more perfect world, we would like not to reflect upon at all. But we must. The University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville both have new football coaches. Charlie […]

The Assassin, R.I.P.

The best college football team I ever saw in person was the 1968 Ohio State Buckeyes. The best player on that team died today a scarred pariah because he once did what defensive football players are supposed to do better than anybody ever. Darryl Stingley paid the price for Tatum’s talent. So hard was he […]

Tuesday’s Titillations

Waves Against the Mountain. If that phrase doesn’t have the same pizzaz as the “swoop” that’s posited after Nike, well, join the crowd. But not the PAC-10(?) crowd. Seems the left coast conference (with a couple mountain states recently added) has a new logo. Which is all part of boffo new marketing scheme to — […]

THE Place For Sypher Trial News . . .

. . . will NOT be here. During the run up to the well publicized current extortion trial in Federal District Court, any number of people have asked if I’m among the 45 credentialed media covering the trial? I am not. This criminal matter has nothing to do with sports news, sports rumors or sports […]

SchnellSpeak: 7/22/10

The Schnell got his vote on a new stadium for his Fighting Owls. Coach Quote morphed immediately to mid-season form, waxing on effusively to commemorate the moment: “The unanimous affirmative vote by the Board of Trustees on the funding for the proposed on-campus stadium on this day, July 21st 2010, will go down as one […]

Samardo: The Next LeBron

At least he’ll be wceargnging thhhhee sacddme unifopprm> (If it looks like I’m eating my words, that’s exactly what’s happening.) Smmmmaurdo Shmauells signed uh muoulti yeeeer deelea with, ahem, Cleveland. At least that’s what loyal reader Mark Bacon (Seedy K’s official NBA correspondent) advises, based on a tweet by a writer for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, […]

The House That Schnell Built, Part Deux

The Schnell sadly didn’t offer any exemplary bon mots at Sun Belt media day. Which doesn’t mean Coach PR isn’t in the news. He’s always news. The Florida Atlantic trustees are meeting this afternoon to give the go ahead to a financing proposal for a new on-campus stadium for Howard Schnellenberger’s Fighting Owls. Today’s expected […]

Monday Morning Mania & Other Confusions from the World of Sports

What is the state of the World of Sports this sultry Blue Monday? I thought you’d never ask. 1. Tiger Woods continues to fade further into his own parade. You have wonder what his half life as The Superstar of Golf is at this point of his wavering career? Given his infamy, I suppose we’ll […]

Tennessee Tsouris, ‘Dores Closed & Local Docket Talk

Once again, just to remind those of you not of the Hebrew persuasion, tsouris is a Yiddish word that means trouble, distress and the attending hassle and heartache. More or less. Anyway, they got some down in Tennessee. Just today at lunch with some fellow sports fans we were opining that the Tennessee Vols seem […]