Monthly Archives: June 2010

Waterloo Wednesday, And I’m Talking Elba & Spain

Goodbye Canada, Hello Elba. No, you haven’t missed any breaking news flash. The University of Waterloo is not the latest member of the Big 10, 11, 12. The school is in Ontario. Thus it plays Canadien football. Except for the season coming up. Seems a reserve wide receiver was arrested for possession and sale of […]

Branding Irons On Backorder

You know that slide rule your dad used in college that’s sticking out of a cardboard box in a dusty corner of the basement? Get it out. That unused abacus Aunt Martha thought was a swell gift when she returned from that Asian holiday awhile back? Find it now. The Big 12 has ten teams. […]

Monday: The Big Vuvuzela

Revised and corrected 6/15 6:33 a.m. Anybody who has watched even a bit of the World Cup has experienced South Africa’s answer to the thunderstick. Welcome to the world of vuvuzelas, soccer fans. Most folks seem to be annoyed at the constant buzz. While it’s certainly not Slim Harpo, I find it kind of quaint. […]

Sweltering Saturday: Hiding From The Heat

Literally hiding from Fahrenheit. Me. Inside where, so far, the A C is workin’ just fine at the Partridge Inn. The Heat Index today here in Augusta, GA reads 104. 96 degrees actual in the shade. Plus humidity that would make the Ohio Valley muck whimper. Figuratively sweatin’ more than they’d like. The Nigerian soccer […]

A Screendoor From Hell: Friday’s Report

I’m in Augusta, Georgia for a wedding. Now I know why The Masters is played in April. Why the rumor is that Augusta National closes for the summer months. Think Butchertown on the hottest August afternoon you remember. Then square it and multiply¬† that number by 2. That’s how hot it was when I went […]

Conference Expansion is Stupid!

Can I make my position any clearer? No. I don’t think so. This rant/ contemplation is a bit longer than normal. Bear with me please. Even though you know my conclusion from the get go. To start, an illustrative remembrance. In the early 70s, my friends and I were young adults, starting families and careers, […]

Why The World Cup Matters

There’s only one place where such conjecture is even broached. Here in the U.S. of A. For the rest of the globe, it’s a given. A no brainer really. The World Cup is the singular sporting event that galvanizes the entire populated world’s attention. The real World Series. Olympics, you say? Olympics? We don’t need […]

Cards, ‘Dores Redux & Wizard of Westwood: Monday Musings

It’s a deja vu moment all over again tonight at Jim Patterson ballyard. Same time, same station, same situation. Louisville and Vanderbilt hook up in a regional loser-leaves-town death match (metaphorically speaking) to determine who moves on to a NCAA Super Regional next week against either Florida State or Oregon’s Ducks. (Go Quack!) Let’s hope […]

Ballyard Friday Night — Cards, Commodores Renew Rivalry Today

Revised 6/05 12;40 pm Vandy won. In 13 innings. Which was at least four too many for the throng of Cards’ fans waiting for the U of L game to start. Cardinals won. Easily. Setting up another battle in what has become quite a testy little rivalry between the SEC and Big East baseball stalwarts. […]

Galarraga Reacts Perfectly, So Too Jim Joyce

If you’re a baseball fan you know the story by now, just hours after the fact. Detroit Tigers run of the mill hurler Armando Galarraga threw a perfect game at the Indians last night in Motown. Except it wasn’t. Wasn’t the improbable third gaffe free pitching effort in a month. Wasn’t even a no hitter. […]