Kobayashi: No Franks on the 4th?


Richard Shea, president of Major League Eating, issued the following statement on Monday:

“Takeru Kobayashi is currently not scheduled to compete in the 2010 Nathan’s Famous July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest. In recent weeks, Major League Eating has sought to arrive at an agreement with Kobayashi, but contract negotiations have reached an impasse. MLE remains hopeful that Kobayashi, who won the contest from 2001-2006, will decide to compete this July 4th in Coney Island, when Joey Chestnut will seek his fourth consecutive title.”

When the titan ranked #3 in the world by IFOCE (International Federation Of Competitive Eating), a six time champ of his discipline’s equivalent of the World Cup, doesn’t appear at Nathan’s Famous on the Fourth of July, it’s news.

It’s Tiger taking a pass at St. Andrews. LeBron saying no mas if whatever team he’s on is to play the Lakers in the NBA Finals. It’s Coach Cal staying away from summer camps.

It’s a big deal.

Kobayashi vs. Chestnut is Yanks vs. BoSox, Duke vs. Carolina, Ali vs. Frazier and, yes, Cats vs. Cards.

Only bigger.

The Nathan’s smackdown is still days away. MLE fans around the globe are hoping Kobayashi will show to challenge defending champ, #1-ranked Joey Chestnut, who set the Nathan’s Famous record last year, downing 68 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes.

– Seedy K

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