Soccer Sunday (Plus Other Stuff For Those Who Could Care Less)

First a moment of silence in memoriam for the death of World Cup ratings on ESPN and ESPN on ABC.

It’s of no matter that the World Cup remains eminently compelling. England vs. Germany as I write. Argentina vs. Mexico this afternoon when sitting in air conditioned comfort watching world class athletes will be preferable to mowing the lawn, playing the back nine or pruning foliage.

USA’s run is over. So sadly shall be the jingoistic “soccer fever” that captured the country for the last week or so.

I shan’t rant and rave about it. Nor disseminate grief to those for whom the pleasures of futbol remain a mystery. It’s just the nature of the beast in this land where Brett Favre trumps Messi.

Which brings us to these contemplations:

Bruins or Gamecocks? You know, who is going to rule at Rosenblatt? The College World Series, remember? A cult thing, right? You don’t care, you say? You better, or the spirits of Mike Patrick and Chris Berman will haunt you like a hellhound on your trail. ESPN doesn’t like to be ignored. I’m talking serious nightmares and hallucinations, not that Beetlejuice stuff.

Whither LeBron? Oh, nevermind. Do we really care? Uh, I don’t think so.

The Future of John Isner. Even though the former 6-9 Georgia Bulldog lost in straight sets in the match following his compelling, historic W over Nicholas Mahut, my guess he’ll be popping up in ads during the U.S. Open and after.

The Future of Andy Roddick? With both Nadal and Federer struggling in the early rounds at Wimbledon, could this be the American’s year?

The Future of Stephen Strasburg. Will the rookie phenom make the All-Star team?

The Future of Video in Soccer? England was just seriously jobbed on what was clearly a tying first half goal against Germany. Will FIFA finally join the modern world in view of the firestorm of criticism that will surely come in the wake of this travesty?

The Beginning of the Jordan Campbell Era. Will the transfer to U of L of this linebacking stud from Southern Cal confirm the rejuvenation of Cardinal football?

The Future of UK Basketball? Is it all downhill from here for Wildcat hoops? How can this program with its fabled history and tradition ever top Thursday’s draft, UK’s “greatest day ever”?

– Seedy K

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