Waking Up Wednesday Wondering . . .

. . . If the U.S. of A. can git ‘er done this morning against Algeria and advance to the Knockdown Round of 16 in the World Cup?

. . . If there’s really a cult of Rosenblatt (Stadium), or if that’s just ESPN hype to increase interest in the College World Series?

. . . If any athlete before Ron Artest ever thanked his psychiatrist immediately after winning a championship?

. . . How many of you without hesitating remember the name of the U.S. Open winner?

. . . Why I’m writing this blog instead of practicing the piano before my lesson in a half hour like I should be doing?

. . . If, given the number of U of L season ticket holders I’ve talked to that passed on their chance for faraway seats in the new arena, the school might have overestimated the demand for tickets?

. . . If Demar Dorsey will be the second coming of Willie Williams?

. . . How and why Mike Garrett still reigns as Southern Cal’s AD?

. . . What was the name of the Derby winner?

. . . Who will coach longer at his new school, Charlie Strong or Joker Phillips?

. . . Why there’s such an obsession over where LeBron James will play in the future?

. . . Who U of L’s new hoops assistant will be, and whether the guy hired from Indy to deliver Marques Teague will remain on the staff?

. . . Why some U of L fans think Kenny Payne is a turncoat for joining UK’s staff?

. . . If the NFL will really add two more regular season games?

. . . If it’s going to be this hot at kickoff of the UK vs. U of L?

. . . If Tiger blows up at the British Open, will the media finally give up its love affair?

. . . Why my man Jeff Gordon doesn’t win anymore?

. . . If there really could be a Reds vs. Tigers World Series?

. . . Whither Greg Oden?

. . . If you remember who wrote that Oden would never be a factor in the NBA?

. . . Why the Big East doesn’t make Notre Dame fish or cut bait on becoming a football member?

. . . If Mike Tyson really has softened and matured as much as John Heilpern’s profile in July’s Vanity Fair would imply?

. . . Why I didn’t apply for a job as a North Korean fan for the World Cup?

. . . Whether vuvuzelas will start showing up at the nation’s stadiums and arenas next football and basketball season?

. . . If Roger Federer’s time at the top is finally over?

Okay, time to hit the 88s. Buh bye.

– Seedy K

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  1. gnash001
    Posted June 23, 2010 at 10:13 am | Permalink

    There’s just too many interesting questions to not respond. Plus, it’s a slow day at work. My thoughts, in the order of the wonderings:

    I hope so. It will keep the country interested in the final outcome (who can name the winner of the last World Cup?)

    It’s ESPN. I fear that one day, the networks will latch on to something like dart throwing the way they have with poker.

    Probably not, but I bet there have been a few head cases that should have.

    Graham McDowell, from Northern Ireland (I think).

    Writing blogs is more fun than practicing piano.

    I live in Tennessee, so I’m not aware of how many have declined to buy tickets in the new arena. For years, the ticket office has held the “waiting list” as a threat to anyone who balked at the demands for higher donations and prices. Was it an idle threat?

    Don’t know about the comparison of Demar Dorsey to Willie Williams, but if he’s academically eligible, he shoud be a big help to the defense.

    Mike Garrett must have some powerful friends.

    Super Saver, I think.

    I think Joker will last longer at UK. I suspect that if Charlie is successful, he’ll move on to a bigger name program in a few years.

    The Lebron thing is a little over hyped.

    Shouldn’t that be who the next two assistants will be? I think Masiello might be out soon. Has Teague signed the LOI yet?

    I wish K. P. all the luck in the world.

    I don’t think the coaches want two more regular season games, so I don’t think the league will make a move in that direction anytime soon.

    Probably won’t be as hot as it is now. I’m more worried about flash floods or tornados. Don’t you think Al gore is onto something about climate change?

    Tiger seems to be getting past his personal problems. Did you really mean to use the term “love affair”?

    Jeff’s just not hot right now. What ever happened to Danica?

    Cincy and Detroit would make a nice W.S.

    Greg Oden? Beats me.

    Props to you though for seeing it coming.

    The Big East needs to have a little more backbone in its dealings with N. D.

    Vanity Fair? Mike Tyson????

    Did it pay well?

    I’m sure we’ll be seeing and hearing those things for a few years to come.

    I think Federer has one more Wimbledon championship in him, this year.

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