Monthly Archives: June 2010

Kobayashi: No Franks on the 4th?

BREAKING NEWS: Richard Shea, president of Major League Eating, issued the following statement on Monday: ‚ÄúTakeru Kobayashi is currently not scheduled to compete in the 2010 Nathan’s Famous July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest. In recent weeks, Major League Eating has sought to arrive at an agreement with Kobayashi, but contract negotiations have reached an […]

Tuesday’s Tidbits

Paraguay and Japan are in oooooooooovertime. And my mind is wandering. But don’t misunderstand, I’m locked in to the upcoming penalty kick shootout. Super(cilious) Trio. What started with the rantings of Stephen A. Smith is today’s internet Sports Rumor of the Day. Chris Bosh and King LeBron to Miami to join Dwayne Wade. Thereby making […]

Trojans ‘R’ Us

Former **** recruit and Southern Cal Trojan Jordan Campbell has fallen prey to Charlie Strong’s siren call and signed on to play linebacker next season for the Cardinals. He’s among those juniors and seniors at USC who are eligible to transfer to other schools without penalty and play immediately. A source reasonably close to U […]

Monday’s Pot Shots

For the life of me, I can’t understand why The Rick keeps referring to the U of L basketball program he heads as a “brand.” He used the reference three times today in his intro of new coach Tim Fuller. Panasonic is a brand. This is a college basketball team. * * * * * […]

Compelling Contemplation of Cliff Rozier

Credit to a poster at for providing the link to this article on the current life of one of U of L’s most intriguing former basketballers. You can read the piece on Clifford Rozier here. – Seedy K

Soccer Sunday (Plus Other Stuff For Those Who Could Care Less)

First a moment of silence in memoriam for the death of World Cup ratings on ESPN and ESPN on ABC. It’s of no matter that the World Cup remains eminently compelling. England vs. Germany as I write. Argentina vs. Mexico this afternoon when sitting in air conditioned comfort watching world class athletes will be preferable […]

Just Another Sporting Wednesday

All the cliches apply. — Alexi Lalas The question, of course, is whether the former American futboler was talking about the fantastic W by the Americans over Algeria to advance to the Knockout Round of the World Cup as winners of Group C. Or, the even more improbable Wimbledon match, in which, as I write, […]

Waking Up Wednesday Wondering . . .

. . . If the U.S. of A. can git ‘er done this morning against Algeria and advance to the Knockdown Round of 16 in the World Cup? . . . If there’s really a cult of Rosenblatt (Stadium), or if that’s just ESPN hype to increase interest in the College World Series? . . […]

Tigers, Frogs & Kaka

Forget the titled survivor of the U.S. Open that nobody seemed to want to win. Graeme Whatisname backed onto the champ’s podium with a three over par 74. The real story is, well, you know who. The guy who when curtly discussing his +4 Sunday round displayed all the grace but none of the humor […]

Zach Price’s Move to Louisville: Does it pass the smell test?

Zach Price is going to be a senior in high school next year. He’s a basketball player. Apparently he’s a very good basketball player. He’s 6-10, and has committed to play for the University of Louisville. So committed it seems, he’s leaving Lakewood, Ohio where he’s schooled and played for the last three years, to […]