Monthly Archives: May 2010

Horses, Hoops & Habs

Triple Crown Downer. Calvin Borel got the loser’s interview. He did it with class and candor, of course, but it was disappointing nonetheless. Nobody thought Super Saver a Triple Crown quality thoroughbred, but those decreasing numbers who love the Sport of Kings were still hoping. They know that it’s going to take something like that […]

Sad Saturday (In Boston) & Coach Cal Gits ‘Er Done (Again)

Dr. Doom and Professor Gloom a/k/a The Grim Reapers are obviously on a tour of the Northeast. Having wrecked havoc in Cleveland on Thursday night, when the Cavs spit out the bit in the NBA Eastern Conference semis, the GPs took the red eye to Beantown. Where they dealt the NHL Bruins an even more […]

Frightful Friday (in Cleveland) + Bonus Barbs

Buh Bye LeBron. Sometime late in last night’s Celtics series clincher, LeBron James, in a futile attempt to salvage the Cavs season, showed some will to win and drove like a diesel to the bucket. What came to mind were these lyrics. Cue Skynard. Wont you give me three steps/ Gimme three steps mister/ Gimme […]

Seat Selection Spin

Veni, vidi, victum. Which, with apologies to Ms. Duerson for whom Latin was life itself, means “I came, I saw, I was conquered.” At least it does if my handy free online translator is correct. If not, well, you get the gist. My group has finished its seat selection for U of L hoops in […]

Thursday Ticket: Playoffs, Hot Pokers and Payoffs

Beware the Stache. Lord only knows what the real deal is with this year’s Derby ticket scam? The 2010 edition stars U of L assistant Steve Masiello, Oldham County Magistrate Scott Davis and the nefarious Stephen Netherton. Since it is only peripherally a sports matter, I shan’t comment extensively. But I’ll be watching. I do […]

Coach Cal to Cleveland(?) & That Darned Seat Selection Scenario

Apparently the UK coach — that would be basketball coach John “Asking for a Lifetime Contract” Calipari — dropped into the Q last night, where he watched former Wildcat Rajon Rondo and his fellow Celtics whomp the Cavs and Cal’s close and personal superstar but MIA friend LeBron James up one side of the head […]

Tuesday Tidbits: Former Cardinals on the Uptick & More

Rave On, Rajon. Okay, so the former Eastern Eagle never really was a U of L Cardinal. But he sure wanted to be. But The Rick has a thing for New York point guards, soooooo . . . Rondo finally had the good sense to say, “I’m tired of waiting. I’m going to UK.” By […]

Different Strokes for Different Folks

The front sports page of this morning’s C-J had four stories. There was a profile of U of L softball player Jordan Trimble. Surrounded by three stories on hoops: a column and news story about U of L, Samardo and Pitino, and an update on prep school baller Aaron Cosby. Rick Pitino called a press […]

Mardo is Two & Through + Other Pitino Postulations

The Rick confirmed the obvious at a hastily called Wednesday morning press conference. Samardo Samuels, despite his long shot odds of playing in the NBA next season, is staying in the draft. Pitino indicated it was parental pressure. “Where Samardo lives isn’t New York or Chicago poverty,” he said, indicating the dire living existence of […]

Today’s Soap Opera Episode

In the daily saga, “One & Done,” today’s episode features a press conference with $amardo $amuel’s coach, Rich Pitino. It’s coming up at 10:30 this morning. While I haven’t seen a preview, I assume The Rick will confront and comment upon statements from $$’s mom that the Cardinals center will be “former Cardinal center” when […]