Sunday’s Shooting Gallery

*** It’s the Lakers and the Celtics, just the way David Stern and the TV guys want it to be. I’ll be rooting for the Green. (Unlike those classic Bird vs. Magic smackdowns, where, for some reason I can’t figure out, I cheered for the LaLas.)

But I think Phil Jackson is going to get another one. Boston seems too long in the tooth.

Which will cement, more or less, The Philosopher’s standing as the best pro coach ever.

A Laker title would ratchet up the arguments about Kobe Bryant‘s standing among the best to ever play the game. For whatever reason, I don’t especially like the guy. Seems too disengaged, a might arrogant. Plus there’s that sexual thing he was involved in, but skipped away without a scratch.

But the guy can ball. Seems like he’s made as many big shots as The Mighty Jordan. He may very well be as good as anybody else who has ever played the game.

*** Chicago Blackhawks won a shootout in the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals.

They will win this year’s title. Period.

Which will finally end the Curse of Muldoon, a marketing scam, said to be responsible for the reality that Chicago is the only one of the Original Six, which has never won the Cup the same year it finished first during the regular season.

*** As for the whole Bledsoe thing that broke over the weekend, here’s all I have to add. Two legit sources advise that this is only the beginning. That there are more possible violations to be revealed, violations of a more serious nature.

The C-J’s moniker for Coach Cal — Teflon John — is clever. And correct. You gotta marvel at a fellow whose hair is always in place, whose suit is never mussed and always lands unscathed on his feet. Can’t help but wonder if he can keep it up for the rest of his career?

*** Didn’t perfect games used to mean something? Two in one month. In the American League, no less. Coincidence? Shift in pitcher/ hitter domination?

*** How ’bout them Cincinnati Red Stockings? Guess the recent successes of the Bats — not this season, but the last couple — did bode well for the parent club.

*** Can’t decide if I’m more tired of reading about Tiger Wood or Brett Favre?

*** I’m watching the Indy 500 right now, and wondering why there are so many mistakes in the pits? Tires falling off. Stalled cars. What’s the deal?

*** Antoine Walker in a Cardinal shirt. ????? All I can do is shake my head.

*** Have they run the Belmont Stakes yet?

– Seedy K

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