Big Monday: A Happy Jones & Sad Brown

I can only assume that Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones is pleased as punch after the Supreme Court’s decision this morning. After all, the guy needs every source of revenue he can find to pay for that billion dollar stadium.

Without getting into all the legal details, the unanimous court held that the NFL is 32 separate teams, not one entity, for marketing purposes. Which means the Cowboys, and other teams, can develop their own brands with which to inundate the marketplace. And more readily generate independent sources of income.

Ever notice how on a given Sunday, every coach — except you know who, the sweatshirt guy in New England — would be wearing a similar hat and sweatshirt.  That’s the way the NFL wanted it. No longer.

The only sports league immune to anti-trust charges is Major League Baseball. For the rest, without a congressional thumbs up, everything is surely in flux after today.

There’s one more lawsuit sports fans should be observing that is wending its way through the court system. That’s the one by former UCLA Bruin Ed O’Bannon, challenging the NCAA’s use of his image in current video games.

This is a ruling that could truly change the nature of sports in general, and “amateur” sports in particular. Given the unanimity of the Supreme Court in today’s NFL ruling, there could be fireworks after a final decision in O’Bannon’s case that will make Thunder Over Louisville look like a back yard sparkler.

* * * * *

Mike Brown won 2/3s of his games for a still developing Cleveland NBA franchise.

Not enough.

The guy was handed his pink slip today, after failing to coach the LeBrons to a championship. This year the disheveled team didn’t even make it to the conference championship round.

I never thought he was the greatest coach, but I kinda feel bad for the guy.

LeBron is more than a bit of a prima donna. And the star cares more about branding himself than he does about winning. Or so his play would indicate. And James was rightfully beside himself this season when he discovered that teammate Delonte West — he who had loaded machine guns strapped on while taking a motorcycle ride last summer — was shtupping his mother.

Where was Gilbert Arenas as a teammate when LeBron really could have used him? At any rate, I doubt that such familial interaction made for a pleasant locker room atmosphere.

The first two names mentioned to replace Brown, either of which if signed would go a long way toward keeping LeBron, are Phil Jackson and Duke’s Coach K. I’m advised that neither is a wise replacement bet.

But I am expecting a report that Delonte West has been traded any day now.

* * * * *

A doff of the ballcap to U of L’s Big East champion nine. Notre Dame went down and the Cards slipped into another league regular season championship the old fashioned way on the last weekend of play before the tourney. They earned it on the field. Stellar plays. Comeback Ws.

How have things changed around U of L?

Well, they’ve actually sent out NCAA regional ticket order forms, in case the Cards are dubbed a host. Which is probable, given their record and lofty RPI rating. Hell, who even knew there was college baseball RPI ratings?

* * * * *

The World Cup starts in a couple of weeks. I hope you’re at least willing to pay some attention.

After all, it’s only far and away the biggest sporting event in the entire world.

* * * * *

As of 4:14 p.m. today, UK hadn’t signed any new basketball players.

– Seedy K

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