LeBron To Sign With Kentucky?

LeBron James reinstating his amateur status — whatever amateur status he might ever have had — and signing to play with the Wildcats is absurd. Right?

Of course, it is.

But, if there was a way, John Calipari would git ‘er done. Right?

Of course, he would.

College hoops cagiest cage coach is having a recruiting run like none in recent memory. He can obviously sweet talk the most reluctant prepster. (However, I must advise I have no found no basis whatsoever to the rumor that Coach Cal sold the Brooklyn Bridge to new Nets owner Mihail Prokhorov, who, as the story goes, was going to rename the team after it makes a move to that borough.)

Listen, nobody understands more than I what a scuzzy business college basketball recruiting is. If we didn’t love this sport as much as we do around here, we would be appalled. While some coaches are more on the make than others, my belief is that there isn’t a coach who aspires to win a national title who isn’t looking for a loophole in NCAA regs to help him out. Or, fashion a loophole where none exists.

Calipari is better at this than anybody. Which is why he’s an easy target for pundits like myself. Whose favorite team is one of those left bobbing in UK’s wake.

Calipari has given lip service to the moral that he doesn’t recruit players after they’ve committed to another school. Or, something to that effect. Please don’t inundate me with quotes that parse what I’ve just said.

Yet . . . Enes Kantner verbally committed to Washington in the fall. He signed with Kentucky in the spring. Terrence Jones verbally committed to Washington at a press conference last month. He wasn’t out of the room before Cal had convinced him to reconsider.

As a U of L fan, am I jealous of what Calipari is doing at UK? Absofrigginlutely.

But I have to wonder how long this yearly turnover of one-and-doners is going to play out for the Big Blue Nation in the long run if Calipari’s UK teams continually fall short in the post season, as his teams at Memphis and UMass did, and as his first Wildcat team did?

– Seedy K

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  1. LouCatFan
    Posted May 25, 2010 at 4:59 pm | Permalink

    Well – you can hardly use one season as a barometer – but time will certainly tell. A friend recently asked if I were upset at the influx of ‘one and dones’. I honestly had to ask him if he wondered if I was ‘upset’ that Cal got a bevvy of THE most recruited players in the country? The answer is no – at least for now. Trends move, paradigms shift – move with or be forgotten. So – I say let’s watch and wonder for a few seasons – then it will be obvious whether Cal and the cats are taking the right path.

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