Tobacco Road’s Pain Brings A Smile

And the Lord knows/ How much I loathe/ Tobacco Road

“Tobacco Road” could well be an anthem for both UK and U of L hoops fans . . . if they didn’t hate each other more than they loathe the hoopsters on Tobacco Road.

Well, the end of last night’s Boston W over Orlando in the 2d game of the Eastern Conference finals had to bring a smile to both Card fans and the Big Blue Nation. Not often that these fan bases can share some schadenfreude.

Vince Carter missed two crucial FTs in the final minute that would have narrowed the Boston lead to a single point. Then J.J. Reddick failed to call an immediate timeout after securing a defensive rebound with less than ten seconds on the clock. Which meant the Magic had to inbound from backcourt with 3.5 seconds left, rather than closer to the hoop where they might have gotten a better shot at a tie. Soooooo two major Orlando mistakes — one by a former Tar Hell, one by a former Doookie — sealed the Celtics victory.

Plus there’s a share positive joy. Louisville homie and former Wildcat Rajon Rondo is getting better by the possession. He’s one of the “5 best point guards in the game,” according to no less an observer than Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

So, to celebrate, cue The Animals:

– Seedy K

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