Sad Saturday (In Boston) & Coach Cal Gits ‘Er Done (Again)

Dr. Doom and Professor Gloom a/k/a The Grim Reapers are obviously on a tour of the Northeast.

Having wrecked havoc in Cleveland on Thursday night, when the Cavs spit out the bit in the NBA Eastern Conference semis, the GPs took the red eye to Beantown. Where they dealt the NHL Bruins an even more lethal blow.

In hockey’s version of the Eastern Conference semis, Boston was up 3-0 on Philly. Knowing that in all of professional sport, only three times had a team down like that in a four game series come back to win, as in ever, Bruin fans felt confident. The Islanders and Maple Leafs did it in hockey. Then there’s that famous Boston comeback in baseball against the Yanks a few years back.

So folks in Boston were feeling pretty good. Even after the Bruins lost Game 4, they still had a 3-1 lead. Which went to 3-2 after Game 5. Sphincters did tighten after the Flyers tied the series at 3. But Game 7 was on home ice for Boston.

And the Boston fans felt mighty feisty when the Bruins went up 3 zed in the first, and led 3-1 after the first. But the score was tied at 3 after two. You know where this is going right, even if you haven’t been paying attention to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Philly tallied on a power play to win the game 4-3 after trailing 0-3, to win the series 4-3 after trailing 0-3. There’s a symmetry there, don’t you think? Boston’s penalty that put them at one goal disadvantage? Too many men on the ice. Which exact gaffe apparently cost them a playoff series back in the 70s against Montreal.

* * * * *

Dr. D and Professor G obviously have not been in the vicinity of Lexington.

Tweet this, Cat Haters.

Coach Cal says he’s staying. And he really really really really means it.

And he pumped up the UK roster with a commitment today from Elroy Vargas, former Florida Gator, former Top 50 prepster, potential pro.

Big Blue sure is a popular color these days.

– Seedy K

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