Frightful Friday (in Cleveland) + Bonus Barbs

Buh Bye LeBron. Sometime late in last night’s Celtics series clincher, LeBron James, in a futile attempt to salvage the Cavs season, showed some will to win and drove like a diesel to the bucket. What came to mind were these lyrics.

Cue Skynard.

Wont you give me three steps/ Gimme three steps mister/ Gimme three steps towards the door?/ Gimme three steps/ Gimme three steps mister/ And you’ll never see me no more.

Mister Referee gave the superstar without portfolio three steps. +1. (Don’t you love how the NBA has skewed the game in the name of star power?)

LeBron’s strangely ineffective game wasn’t enough. He nabbed a triple double. And came one turnover short of a quadruple double. But, as we will hear time and again, he didn’t go Magic or Jordan or Bird. (Translation: He didn’t will his team to victory. He still wears no real crown.)

Afterward, he certainly sounded to me like a guy looking for a fresh start in some other clime. That he’s a Northern Ohio homie cuts two ways. The lure of home and hearth and familiarity and a new coach of his choosing and maybe Chris Bosh in the post will keep him by that cold cold lake. Or, enough is enough, he’ll set off to see what’s it like in the Big Apple or South Beach or The Hog Butcher or choose to hang with Tony Soprano and the Russkie in Jersey/ Brooklyn.

My gut tells me it’s the latter, that he’s headed for the door and Clevelanders won’t see him no more. What I know for sure is that if somebody will give me a penny for every word written and uttered on this issue between now and when he makes his decision, I’ll be richer than even LeBron himself.

Serena and her Sister. I don’t watch a lot of tennis. Like golf, just the big ones. But I do remember the first time I saw Serena Williams play, I said to myself, “She and her sister, Venus, are the future of women’s tennis.”

That’s when I still had a weekly sports column in the print LEO. So I wrote a piece, offering that opinion.

One reader took serious umbrage at my prediction. So much so that he/she took to mailing me the WTA standings, while they remained outside the Top 30 or so. He/She always included some pithy observations of his own. Such as, “You’re a jackass know nothing.” Anonymously, of course.

When those Williams gals started grabbing major titles and dominating the womens’ game, my reader’s missives stopped. I even wrote a second column, imploring him/her to contact me. Never happened.

The sisters were last ranked #1 and #2 in the world in 2003. Now, approaching 30, they top the rankings again.

Yoo hoo, Tennis Know It All, come on down. Let’s have a chat.

Whither Kenny Payne? When he was a prepster, he was allegedly a lock for UK. Then he completed a recruiting haul for rival U of L. Where, frankly, despite being a 1000 point scorer, he never reached lofty expectations. (Partially, one guy’s opinion, because Denny wouldn’t let him shoot from as far out as he needed to. The guy had the longest range I’ve ever witnessed.)

Payne is now an assistant still at Oregon, even though Ernie Kent is sayonara. Dana Altman kept KP on his staff. Does that connection to World Wide Wes carry weight or what?

Rumors have him joining Coach Cal in Lexington. Assuming Coach Cal continues to keep Lexington as his domicile.

Wouldn’t it be too ironic if there was a former U of L star on the staff of its most hated rival, juxtaposed against the Big Blue aura that permeates U of L’s Yum! b-ball complex? Kind of like when Coach Cal hired Milt Wagner to get his son, Juanny.

Life keeps getting curioser and curioser.

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted May 16, 2010 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

    Gimme three steps.
    A couple of years ago SC showed the top 10 NBA dunks of the week. I watched a second time with TiVo slow motion. Every single one was a walk. Most were three steps, one was four and one was even five steps. The NBA stands for Not Basketball Anymore.

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