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Next to Jump Ship at Kentucky????

I’ve had a number of interesting conversations in the last 48 hours with folks who have some perspective and knowledge about the situation at UK viz a viz the NCAA and this Bledsoe thing about which the New York Times — and later, others — have written. Universally, it is believed that this is just […]

Sunday’s Shooting Gallery

*** It’s the Lakers and the Celtics, just the way David Stern and the TV guys want it to be. I’ll be rooting for the Green. (Unlike those classic Bird vs. Magic smackdowns, where, for some reason I can’t figure out, I cheered for the LaLas.) But I think Phil Jackson is going to get […]

NCAA vs. Kentucky & Bledsoe? N Y Times Thinks So

Revised 5/28 at 11:25 pm. Remember back when a source told me that a reputable, national media outlet, probably the New York Times, was looking into shenanigans regarding one or more of UK’s talented freshmen? And I wrote about what I knew? Sure you do. Hundreds of you wrote me. Many of you mentioned some […]

Basketball Thursday: Cats Go Red, Suns Shine, Celts Torn & Frayed

Cross Pollination Continues. Oregon Nike coach Dana Altman confirms what we’ve expected all along. Smooth talking John Calipari has proven himself yet again — as if it weren’t already common knowledge — that he’s college hoops’ most convincing schmoozer. Phil Knight assistant/ World Wide Wes disciple Kenny Payne is reportedly leaving the Land o’ Sneakers […]

LEO is 20: Cardinal Sports Then & Now

Our mag is 20 years old. Whodathunkit? Why, it seems like just yesterday, etc, etc, yada, yada, yada. Anyway, we pat ourselves on the back in the issue that hits the newsstands today. And, of course, here online. (We weren’t roaming the cybergalaxy in 1990, that’s for sure.) Included in the package is my comparison […]

Big Monday: A Happy Jones & Sad Brown

I can only assume that Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones is pleased as punch after the Supreme Court’s decision this morning. After all, the guy needs every source of revenue he can find to pay for that billion dollar stadium. Without getting into all the legal details, the unanimous court held that the NFL is […]

Attention Please: Rumor Mongers & Conspiracy Theorists

Revised 5/21 1:17 p.m. My source within the Louisville real estate community advises of this recent listing of Homes For Sale. 214 Mockingbird Gardens Drive. Which, if my sources are correct, is the current abode of one gentleman and his wife, the former of which happens to be head basketball coach at a local university. […]

LeBron To Sign With Kentucky?

LeBron James reinstating his amateur status — whatever amateur status he might ever have had — and signing to play with the Wildcats is absurd. Right? Of course, it is. But, if there was a way, John Calipari would git ‘er done. Right? Of course, he would. College hoops cagiest cage coach is having a […]

Tobacco Road’s Pain Brings A Smile

And the Lord knows/ How much I loathe/ Tobacco Road “Tobacco Road” could well be an anthem for both UK and U of L hoops fans . . . if they didn’t hate each other more than they loathe the hoopsters on Tobacco Road. Well, the end of last night’s Boston W over Orlando in […]

Meanwhile Back At The Ballyard . . . But First: Breaking News on Coach Cal

BREAKING! NEWS! RE: COACH! CAL! & LEBRON!!!!!!!!!! There’s an article in the Chicago Tribune that says World Wide Wes (William Wesley) has contacted several pro franchises with coaching vacancies and salary cap room, trying to broker a package deal including “King” LeBron and John Calipari. The story states an NBA league source confirmed that an […]