Monthly Archives: April 2010

In Printemps, A Sport Guy’s Fancy Turns To Pro Playoffs

Those of you who care about the NBA and have long forgotten that basketball, even the pay for play kind, is a team game, are salivating at a LeBron vs. Kobe championship series. That would be Cleveland vs. L.A., for the one or two of you who remain uninitiated. So too are lovers of pro […]

Opening Night: Coach Cal Pitches Perfect Game

Last night, an absolutely glorious April evening, marked Opening Day for the Louisville Bats. 9, 207 root, root, rooted for the home team at Slugger Field. To no avail. The local nine lost 0-3. It’s a shame. But there’s another game tonight. Tomorrow night, don’t bother knockin’, the house will be rockin’. Cuban phenom Aroldis […]

Questions for Monday?

1. Why hasn’t The Rick offered a scholarship to Elisha Justice? 1a. Why is The Rick so enamored with New York guards? A. I dunno. I dunno. I wasn’t at the Derby Festival Classic (or, as my man on the scene described, the “not very classic.”) Too much introductions for me, too little basketball. Everybody […]

Tiger, Tigers, Teague, Texas Stadium, “Treme” & Other Tidbits

Well, yes, I’ll admit that I’ve found myself watching far more of the Masters than I might ever have guessed. And, yes, I’ll admit it’s probably because of the return of You Know Who. Woods’ level of play on this important (Okay, Mr. Riley in the Green Jacket) and hallowed stage is stunning. Should I […]

Friday On My Mind

Before I get started with a little of the old this and that from the world o’ sports, how ’bout some lip-syncing EasyBeats: * * * * * Next up, an apology. Yesterday I heralded the Frozen Four, college hockey’s grand finale from Ford Field in Motown. Not only was the ice an increasing problem […]

Fore, Frozen Four, UK’s Foregone 4 (Or 5) & More

I’m not much of a golf fan. I’ve given lip service for years, to no avail so far, of taking the game up again after a brief flirtation in my late teens and early 20s. And I’m more than tired of listening to my pal David bray on and on — incorrectly I might opine […]

Kinda First Look Ahead To Next Season

Pop quiz, class. Get out your pencils and notebooks. Name the school that just adopted the pictured mascot? Bonus points: What is the mascot? If you guessed William & Mary, you are either: 1) A graduate, and a most attentive one at that, or 2) Spending way too much surfing the internet in search of […]

Okay, Just A Couple More Points About The Game

Here’s the alternative take on last night’s championship game. Matt Anthony and Mark Bacon were kind enough to ask me to weigh in on their web cast, Nothing But Net. Here’s the link, click download. And it must be mentioned. The final insult for me is the fact that my bride — you know her […]

Final Thoughts on the Final Game

In a memorable dig-in-your-heels on defense, you take this, no you take that, immaculately played and seriously hard fought national championship game, it was Duke that blinked. And still grabbed the crown. Sigh. On its last four possessions, the Blue Devils scored a single point, a FT by Brian Zoubek with 3.6 seconds on the […]

Bluest Monday: The Last of the Season

The gray morning suits. Even if the most scintillating NCAA tournament ever ends tonight with a story book Butler championship, we will awake groggy-eyed tomorrow morning with that empty feeling. Another college hoops season will have come and gone. “There’s the NBA playoffs,” I’ve told several pals, who are already suffering withdrawal symptoms. It’s ball […]