Wednesday’s Pot Shots

A few scattered musings while waiting to go to dinner on Wednesday:

The Oregon athletic director said that, contrary to popular opinion, any number of national championship coaches showed interest in coaching the Ducks hoopsters. And that three would have taken the job.

A little digging and I’ve come up with those three.

Adolph Rupp. Phil Woolpert. Ed Jucker.

Where they’re residing now, a little fresh air is an attractive thing. Even if it won’t be on the benches at UK, San Francisco and Cincy.

* * * * *

Amidst all the college conference expansion blather is a surmisal by Dennis Dodd that U of L will end up in the A.C.C..

Well, as grannie would say, from his mouth to God’s ear.

If Tom Jurich is able to pull that off, he has my vote for Pope.

* * * * *

Sayonara Barca.

My favorite Euro soccer squad was ousted in the Champions League semis, by a 3-2 aggregate to Inter Milan, who will play Bayern Munich in the title game.

* * * * *

I know nothing about the Derby other than there are a lot of horses I’ve never heard of.

I do note that the two early line favorites bookend the field. Unless Calvin Borel is riding that horse in the #1 slot — and I have no idea if he is or not — gimme the one on the outside. I guess that’s Sidney’s Candy.

Since I’m at JazzFest, my hunch bet would be — were I a betting man, Make Music For Me. You want some legit advice, check with my man Bill Doolittle.

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted April 29, 2010 at 6:23 pm | Permalink

    Re: Oregon job. You left out W.C. Fields even if on the whole he would rather be in Philadelphia.

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