Runnin’ From The Roses

You looking for Derby news, Derby fashion, Derby social scene, Derby, Derby, Derby? I got nothin’ for ya. Check out the rest of And this week’s print edition.

You looking for actual informed info on the contendas, check out Bill Doolittle’s take on the race here.

As the title pronounces, I’m runnin’ from the Run for the Roses. I’m heading down tomorrow to New Orleans for JazzFest.

To each his own. Know what I mean?

I’ll be posting periodic JazzFest Dispatches on my own site, which you can find here.

As for sports, what I’ll mostly be reading over coffee in print in the Times-Picayune (Still a profitable and robust morning paper.) is NFL draft, NFL mini-camp reports, Tulane baseball, LSU baseball and the Zurich Classic. That’s the PGA stop that will be in town while I’m there.

Which is to say, my posts here until after Derby weekend will be few. I’ll try to weigh in from time to time as music and food consumption allow.

But I’ll be online like you to find out which university of higher learning You Know Who, the point guard from Indy, has blessed with his intended matriculation a year from August.

– Seedy K

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