Sunday’s Take of Sports on Saturday

Because I’m laid up with a sprained ankle, which needs to heal before I leave for vacation this week, I spent far too much of a beautiful Saturday, after a visit to the E.R., fully experiencing R.I.C.E..

Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.

Fortunately it seems to be working.

So, I spent most of the day in my Ekornes, foot iced and elevated or otherwise compressed, watching sports.

Fortunately it was opening day for the NBA playoffs, the continuation of the Stanley Cup playdowns, rivalry day in college lacrosse and the last harum scarum streetball no defense allowed showcase for superduperuberprep ballers in the Jordan Classic.

Thank heavens for hockey. Montreal and Washington went to OT for the second straight time. The Habs blew a 4-1 lead, Alex Ovechkin came alive and the Caps tied the series at one all.

Maryland/ Hopkins lacrosse wasn’t bad either. Except that the Terps took control early in the 2d half and didn’t let up. And the announcers studied at the Dickie V School of Hyperbole.

Other than that, the games, at least the ones I tuned in, were run of the mill.

* * * * *

Coach Cal sealed the deal on another high school star. Doron Lamb made his commitment during that all-star game I mentioned. So much for staying focused on the task at hand. Then again, maybe he did.

A couple of super catches are still out there, looking for “the right school,” with “the right situation.”

My guess is at least one of them will end up in Big Blue next season.

Loved the article about Kansas-commit Josh Selby in yesterday’s New York Times. In passing, it is mentioned that the teenager drives a Mercedes. Sweet. Must have been a perk for his good grades.

* * * * *

Meanwhile in Cardinalville, The Rick seems to have lost another one. Michael Chandler says he’s not “decommitted” to Louisville. He’s simply decided “to open it up and look around again.”

Frankly, it’s not a surprising turn of events. The baller “committed” after his sophomore year in high school. Raise your hands everybody who knew exactly where they wanted to go to college after the 10th grade?

See. that’s my point.

These early decisions are, for the most part, meaningless. Unless you’re Michael Gilchrist and decide when you’re four years old you must play for Coach Cal.

Which doesn’t mean the red & black faithful aren’t in crisis mode, wondering if the basketball team is to be mired in mediocrity for years while uttering the most absurd of constructs, “We’re a football school.”

* * * * *

As for the coaching carousel, just a couple of thoughts.

Steve Lavin to St. John’s still has me wondering . . . why? Why would they want him? Why would he want that job?

I like that Oregon seems to be wooing Mike Anderson. His teams play a relentless brand of ball. Whether at Mizzou or as the Head Quacker for the Ducks, Anderson is going to be coaching on the last Monday of the season in the not so distant future.

Fred Hill Jr. is still coach at Rutgers. Which remains the most dumbfounding reality in all of sports.

– Seedy K


  1. Ernie Muppet
    Posted April 19, 2010 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    Good stuff. Hope you get back to 100% soon.

    Didn’t know you were hip to lacrosse. Did you know Bellarmine’s program is D-I? They gave Maryland a pretty good game earlier this year at the new stadium off Newburg Road and are having a solid season.

  2. Seedy K
    Posted April 19, 2010 at 11:50 am | Permalink

    I’ve been to a few Bellarmine lacrosse games. Have written about the program a couple of times, though it’s been awhile.

  3. Ernie Muppet
    Posted April 19, 2010 at 5:17 pm | Permalink

    I can dig it. Thanks, as always, for the coverage.

    I used to say that Bellarmine was the best-kept secret in college sports in Kentucky; that has changed, but you were on top of the Knights before it became cool.

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