Opening Night: Coach Cal Pitches Perfect Game

Last night, an absolutely glorious April evening, marked Opening Day for the Louisville Bats.

9, 207 root, root, rooted for the home team at Slugger Field. To no avail. The local nine lost 0-3. It’s a shame.

But there’s another game tonight. Tomorrow night, don’t bother knockin’, the house will be rockin’. Cuban phenom Aroldis Chapman will take the mound, putting his 100+ mph heater on display.

I’ll be in the stands, brat in hand, loaded with the works. So should you.

* * * * *

Yesterday was a busy day in sports.

The Bigs are in full swing.

The Bulls snuck in the NBA playoffs with a W on the last day of the regular season.

The most exciting post-season in all of sport began with Stanley Cup series openers. My Red Wings were ahead 2-1 after the first. But lost 2-3 to Phoenix. (Yes, there’s a hockey team in Arizona.)

It’s a shame. The L that is, not that there’s an NHL franchise in the Land of Turquoise.

* * * * *

Okay, enough preliminaries.

I am saying nothing we all don’t already know when I advise it’s always college hoops season in these parts. It’s divided into two sections. Regular Season. Recruiting Season.

Part deux of the latter opened yesterday. It was spring signing day.

The image that comes to me is Leo DeCaprio as Jack Dawson in “Titanic,” leaning over the front of the ill-fated vessel, screaming, “I am the King of the World.”

Which is exactly what John Calipari is viz a viz recruiting.

When it comes to getting the prepsters signed, sealed and delivered on campus, the guy can absolutely git ‘er done.

Three #1s in one day. Huge. The best senior player in high school. The best player of any class in high school. The best player in Europe.

Even if the latter turns out to be a pro, it remains a stunning achievement.

But, for the Big Blue Nation, the question remains: Will these two signing days in April and November be the highlights of the season? Can this coach who could sell charcoal briquettes in hell mentor a team to the national title?

A more philosophical query might be: Does it matter?

My informal survey of Cats’ fans revealed an interesting dichotomy. Old school fans, the ones who not only know who Adolph Rupp is but watched him coach UK, seem less enamored with the new way. They’d like a bit more stability, fewer one and dones, more local kids on the roster, more continuity from year to year.

But the Message Board Generation expresses no dissatisfaction with a yearly turnover. Allegiance and loyalty are character traits of little concern to younger sports fans who have grown up in the era of fantasy leagues and free agency.

So, like Jack Dawson, will the ever-young Cats annually drown as they did this year in the Elite Eight?

And, if Coach Cal steals Marquis Teague from his biggest rival’s grasp, will Cats care if their beloved team wins another title?

– Seedy K


  1. fred
    Posted April 15, 2010 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    When you lose four starters and your top reserve, that clears a lot of cap room.

  2. LouCatFan
    Posted April 16, 2010 at 8:23 am | Permalink

    I think Cats fans are initially simply delighted to have someone at the helm that has produced an exciting product and provided the personnel to execute. While many may argue that we shoulda coulda won the title – the one thing that cannot be argued is the meteoric rise from the depths of last year. (I must also mention that neither Bledsoe or Orton were projected to be one and dones – they simply rose to the occasion in a phenominal way). So – we can only wait and see what happens with this group – but as a long time Ky fan I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed this year AND I will be lifelong fans of the boys that came to Lexington and left it all on the floor!

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