Tiger, Tigers, Teague, Texas Stadium, “Treme” & Other Tidbits

Well, yes, I’ll admit that I’ve found myself watching far more of the Masters than I might ever have guessed. And, yes, I’ll admit it’s probably because of the return of You Know Who.

Woods’ level of play on this important (Okay, Mr. Riley in the Green Jacket) and hallowed stage is stunning.

Should I be surprised? Not sure. His ability to focus on the golf at hand has always been one of his strengths. One would suppose it shouldn’t come then as a surprise that he’s been able to set aside his personal turmoil and play his game.

I’m on record as loathing the whole Cult of Tiger thing. But the guy can play golf at the highest level of the endeavor.

Which athletic acumen does not make him and never should have made him a role model, thank you very much Charles Barkley. Great sports guys don’t necessarily make great human beings. There’s Ty Cobb. Michael Jordan. The list is endless. I’ve never understood why we can’t appreciate their physical abilities and leave it at that?

Anyway, I’m for Phil.

* * * * *

My Tigers are out of the gate, 4 up, 1 down.

I’ve been lamenting the loss of Curtis Granderson to the Yankees. Very early returns show it might not be as big a loss as I thought. We’ll see. So far, so good.

Nice outing by Dontrelle Willis. If he comes back to his former form, Detroit might be to hold on this year. Unlike last, when Jim Leyland’s nervousness fostered a jittery clubhouse and the team folded down the stretch like freshly washed sheets on cleaning day.

* * * * *

They imploded Texas Stadium today. the former iconic home of the Dallas Cowboys.

I guess it was going to be an economic drain. And maybe there weren’t going to be enough uses for it, given Jerry Jones’ new billion dollar baby. But . . . it really is sad news when a reasonably new, perfectly usable facility is taken to the ground in the name of progress.

It’s the American way, I guess. (At least, the State Fair Board isn’t tearing down Freedom Hall, another perfectly usable facility being eschewed in the name of progress by Jim Host Arena.)

Whenever something like this happens, I always think of Vieux Four, the charming pizza place in Brantôme, a small village in the Dordogne region of France. It’s housed in a cave, where troglodytes dwelled a millennium ago.

* * * * *

It has nothing to do with sports, but I’m sure looking forward to the premier episode of “Treme” tonight on HBO.

It’s a take on my favorite city, New Orleans, by the gang that gave us “The Wire,” which was, frankly, the best drama in the history of television.

* * * * *

My sources have confirmed what is the current trending regarding Marquis Teague. The premier one and done point guard in next year’s hoops recruiting class, long thought to be Louisville’s to lose, is Louisville’s to lose. I’m advised he’s now looking down the road to play for Coach One and Done, John Calipari.

While this will surely be a cause for glee in the Big Blue Nation, with a counter balancing of anguish for Cardinal fans, I’m frankly not concerned.

Derrick Rose doesn’t wear a national championship ring. Tyreke Evans doesn’t wear a national championship ring. John Wall doesn’t wear a national championship ring. Teague won’t be around any school long enough to wear a national championship ring.

But Peyton Siva and Ronald Nored might.

* * * * *

Speaking of rumors, there’s a couple juicy ones about conference realignment. One, that Notre Dame might actually be softening its stance on independance. That a move to the Big Ten is more possible than ever before. The other has the SEC adding Miami and Florida State.

Rich get richer. Big gets bigger.

Gordon Gekko lives. (Actually he does. There’s a sequel to “Wall Street” coming soon to a theater near you.)

– Seedy K

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