Kinda First Look Ahead To Next Season

Pop quiz, class. Get out your pencils and notebooks.

Name the school that just adopted the pictured mascot?

Bonus points: What is the mascot?

If you guessed William & Mary, you are either: 1) A graduate, and a most attentive one at that, or 2) Spending way too much surfing the internet in search of a college hoops fix.

If you can identify the beast with a lion’s body and an eagle’s head as a Griffin, you’ve spent way too much time in your basement playing Dungeons & Dragons, or one of those other games where a Griffin is a key character, or paying attention in Mythology 101.

* * * * *

You don’t need me to tell you that the college coaching carousel has spun way out of control. But allow me to reiterate anyway.

Dino Gaudio, properly referred to after today as former Wake Forest coach, was canned despite winning twice as many games as he lost. And making it to the NCAA every year.

I must admit, his squads never met the eye test. Was it last season or the one before when the Demon Deacons flirted with #1? To quote the ever-literate Cameron Crazies: “O*V*E*R***R*A*T*E*D!!!!” (Repeat ad nauseum.) His squads lacked discipline and heart, to name but two flaws.

But the guy was double one and done kind o’ guy. (Metaphorically speaking if not empirically correct.) 1) In the NCAAs where they lost to Cleveland State, and UK. (Okay, it was in the second round, but, hey, work with me here.) ACC Cross Reference: Oliver Purnell, who factually never won an opening round tilt in the Dance. 2) Too many guys leaving early.

The latter kind of reminds me of You Know Who down the interstate at You Know Where. But he’s showing how loyal he is, by saying he has no interest in earning 15 million rubles a year to coach TWill in Jersey. Yet. Then again, Coach Cal might be serious. Wasn’t it Stalin after all, who confused the concept of firing hired help he didn’t like with execution?

By the way, what is Ollie Purnell thinking? DePaul. What a baaaaaaaaad coaching situation. Guy must be eating way too many of cousin Alan’s Old Fashioned Country Sausages.

And while asking what what were they thinking, let’s pose the same query to the folks at UTEP? They hired serial violator Tim Floyd, who still has green ink on his paws from the 1 large he passed on to O.J. Mayo’s guy at Southern Cal.

Can’t wait to see who takes the cash to become Phil Knight’s Steppin Fetchit at Oregon?

* * * * *

Now is when my membership in CBWA requires that I give you my early Top 5, 10, 25, or 96 for next season. I’ll leave the last for Joe Lunardi. And I’ll demur — or is it defer — on the rest.

Get back to me when we know for certain whose going to join Daniel Orton and his Wildcat lifers in the draft. Robbie Hummel? Evan Turner? (Hold the presses, between the time I typed this and before I hit the “Publish” button, Evan Turner has said adios to the Buckeyes and the Land of the Olentangy.) Kyle Singler? Never say it . . . baby-faced Gordon Hayward? (If he goes, will his team hire a nanny to travel with him?) Wes Johnson? Greg Monroe? Samardo Samuels? (Okay, that’s meant to be a joke. I think.)

See what I mean. I’ll get back to you on that mid May when it all shakes out.

* * * * *

Last but not least is the contemplation about the future status of the NCAA tourney. Will we need legal sized brackets next year for the office pool?

My thoughts are a matter of record. Either the field increases to 96 or it doesn’t. Hoopaholics like myself, and most here in Kentuckiana, will find a way to embrace it.

This is one I’m going to stop thinking about.

* * * * *

The folks at William & Mary are going to refer to their grouping of Griffins as a Tribe. Which hearkens back to their last now politically incorrect mascot. But how do Griffins really travel?

In a gaggle? Covey? Clowder? Pack? Or, given the situation, a school of Griffins?

Get back to me on that one, would ya?

– Seedy K


  1. cbcard
    Posted April 7, 2010 at 8:45 pm | Permalink

    While there is a gaggle of gesse I I would say a google of griffins as that hits alliteration and the internet combined.

  2. Mark
    Posted April 8, 2010 at 8:13 am | Permalink

    Early top 5:
    Michigan State
    Butler (IF Boy Gordo returns)
    Georgetown (IF Monroe—a 50/50 shot currently) and Wright return

    sleeper: Miami

  3. Jason Puckett
    Posted April 8, 2010 at 5:00 pm | Permalink

    Lest we forget, it’s “The College of William & Mary.” Gotta be proper I suppose.

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