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Wednesday’s Pot Shots

A few scattered musings while waiting to go to dinner on Wednesday: The Oregon athletic director said that, contrary to popular opinion, any number of national championship coaches showed interest in coaching the Ducks hoopsters. And that three would have taken the job. A little digging and I’ve come up with those three. Adolph Rupp. […]

Some $$ Perspective From Football Country

Sunday morning’s Times-Picayune has a 16 page sports section. Three quarters of those pages deal with football. Go figure. On the Scoreboard page, the one with standings and lists, there’s a rundown of the early draft entrants for the NBA. 48 names are listed. Not one of them, $amardo $amuels. – Seedy K

Less Is More: Yea for 68 & More

The sports pages of New Orleans Times Picayune are overrun with news of the NFL draft, the Zurich Open PGA event which is in town and college baseball. Did I mention more pages of coverage of the NFL draft than there are pages in the entire C-J sports section? True. But nestled at the bottom […]

Teague Fatigue

First of all, credit where it is due. John Calipari is uniquivocally THE MAN when it comes to recruiting high school basketball players. He trumped his neighborhood rival, and those across the river and convinced Marquis Teague to matriculate to the University of Kentucky to continue his education. As a U of L fan, how […]

Runnin’ From The Roses

You looking for Derby news, Derby fashion, Derby social scene, Derby, Derby, Derby? I got nothin’ for ya. Check out the rest of And this week’s print edition. You looking for actual informed info on the contendas, check out Bill Doolittle’s take on the race here. As the title pronounces, I’m runnin’ from the […]

One Choice For $amardo $amuels: $$$$tay

A number of folks have asked me in the last 48 hours or so, since that sophomoric press release from Jamaica was posted, what I know about the $amardo $amuels $ituation? Nuttin’, Honey. Which is even less apparently than The Rick knew on Monday before all this foolishness surfaced. Yesterday, The Rick confirmed, at least […]

A Messi, Kind o’ Taco Tuesday

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief, can’t we, now that Jim Host has found himself corporate naming sponsor for the new arena. KFC Yum! Arena it is. We know already that’s too unwieldy to last. Too many syllables. No rhyme. So, we are all beside ourselves wondering what the place will come […]

Butler To Be Cards’ First Foe In New Home

This just released by U of L: Cardinals Will Open New Arena Against NCAA Runner-Up Butler LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The University of Louisville’s men’s basketball team will open its 2010-11 season and play the first game in its new home arena — the KFC Yum! Center — against 2010 NCAA runner-up Butler University on Nov. […]

If Louisville’s Left Out, Blame It On Petrino

Forget the watering down of the NCAA basketball tournament. The expansion(s) that will truly change forever the landscape of college sports are on the horizon. Reports indicate the Big 11 is going bigger. So too, its Rose Bowl counterpart, the Pac 10. Then, to use the overused — but apt — metaphor, the dominoes will […]

Sunday’s Take of Sports on Saturday

Because I’m laid up with a sprained ankle, which needs to heal before I leave for vacation this week, I spent far too much of a beautiful Saturday, after a visit to the E.R., fully experiencing R.I.C.E.. Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. Fortunately it seems to be working. So, I spent most of the day in […]