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Louisville Card File: California

There have been many observations of this year’s Louisville Cardinal basketball team. Any and all were subject to contradiction, if not immediately, certainly after the next game. Here’s one for which there is unequivocally no retort. Louisville’s 2009-10 basketball season is OVER! And as sad as I am to say, it: It’s a good thing. […]

Back To Reality: Afternoon #2 In The NCAA

Revised 3/19 6:05 p.m. It was way too good to keep going, right? I mean, other than “The Godfather, Part II” name me one sequel that’s met or matched the original. Thursday afternoon, opening ronde de jambe of the Dance, was one for the ages. Unlikely that it could have been topped the very next […]

NCAA Day Deux: The Morning After, Let’s Do It Again

Revised 3/19 10:07 a.m. Okay, since only a few of you on Facebook of my hundreds of thousands of readers — that includes you reading this right now — answered the question posed in last blog last night, I’ll do it myself. You all must have thought it was rhetorical or something. No, I was […]

Greatest Day of Basketball . . . Ever?????

You tell me???? Has there ever been a better single day of basketball in the NCAA than this one? Only one blowout: The Cats, of course. Who looked incapable of being bested. I’m exhausted and there are still four games to go. I’ll write more in the a.m. (I say as if you really are […]

Commodore’s Ship Sinks, BEast Declawed & Buh Bye Bye Derrick

Have I mentioned how much I am soooooooooo very very very tired of reading and hearing about Derrick Caracter and how his miraculous maturity and turnaround have helped turn UTEP into a juggernaut? Well I have been. The perfect antidote has however arrived. Thank you so very much, Butler Hinkles. And Sheldon Mack who camped […]

March Madness Begins: 2 OT Tilts & #11 W By 1

The tourney is three and a half hours old and it’s keeping its promise of being the most cockamamie in years. My suggestion to local health care facilities is to increase the cardio specialists on call. It could be a busy four days if this keeps up. Gody ended his career with only two points […]

NCAA Bracket Racket: First Round Throwdown

Revised 3/17 2:44 p.m. Why do I do this? Why do you care? You don’t actually, but you’re still counting the seconds until noon tomorrow, you’ve looked at all the highlights at March Madness . . . twice . . . and you’ve fiddle farted around with fourteen brackets in five different pools, and you […]

LEO’s March Madness Coverage

The new print edition of LEO hits the stands today. Included is our coverage of this little event called the NCAA tournament. Or, if you prefer, March Madness. I consider the possible legacy of UK’s talented freshman class. You can read it here online. Mike Rutherford contemplates the Cardiac Cards. You can read his reflections […]

Tourney Tidbits Plus: 41 Hours Til Tipoff

The most vociferous of peripheral arguments going on these days is whether the NCAA should — Absolutely Not!!!! — or will — More than likely — expand the number of teams that make it to the post season perfection that is currently in play. Well, it’s not totally perfect. Absolute perfection would be 64 teams. […]

Tourney Tidbits: 50 Hours Til Tipoff

One of the traditionally heated arguments annually in these glorious days between Selection Sunday and Thursday noon is which of the four regions is the toughest? To the amazement of all, it is not to be this year. There is not only a consensus, but it is unanimous. The Midwest Region featuring overall #1 seed […]