Back To Reality: Afternoon #2 In The NCAA

Revised 3/19 6:05 p.m.

It was way too good to keep going, right?

I mean, other than “The Godfather, Part II” name me one sequel that’s met or matched the original. Thursday afternoon, opening ronde de jambe of the Dance, was one for the ages. Unlikely that it could have been topped the very next day. Which is this afternoon.

It wasn’t.

Some things are the same as they ever was.

Oliver Purnell and Clemson: One and done. Again. For about the fiftieth straight year. Ollie, get rid of the orange blazer. I know you did it before PearlieMon at Tennessee, but, so what?

Is it my imagination, or was noname Cameron Rundles — playing for 13 seed Wofford — way too cocky? His team was in it. Had a real chance of winning. And he’s missing free throws, and losing the ball out of bounds, and yelling at his teammates, telling them what he wanted them to do. All with an air that said, “I’m the next LeBron.”

Could have fooled me. The Terriers were 1/7 from the line in the second half. They hit a reasonable percentage and they might have moved on. Not.

Siena made a little run of it near the end against Purdue, closing the gap to three. But Matt Painter’s Boilermakers proved they’re tough, even without Robbie Hummel. Maybe not 4 seed tough, but tough enough today against a fashionable foe, Siena.

Xavier took care of business against Minnessssssssooooooooooota. But the question du jour is whether it’s Orlando Tubby Smith’s last game at the Golden Gopher’s coach. There are reports out and about that he might leave the Land o’ Lakes to take the Auburn job. Makes no sense to me. But the weather on the Bama plains is a lot better than the Twin Cities.

Then again, Charles Barkley ain’t walkin’ through that door. And Auburn’s basketballers don’t wear helmets and shoulder pads.

West Virginia missed its first 9 shots, fell behind Morgan State, 0-10. Then proceeded to turn Todd Bozeman’s team into what my grannie used to call “hockfleicsh.” Whatever it is, that’s what Morgan State is now.

Okay, yes I’ll admit it, to you my public, and to my friend Larry up in Boston, a Cornell alum. I was wrong about the Big Red. They are pretty good. Their two first round losses the last couple of tournaments are now a thing of the past. It’s Temple that’s now been ousted from the get go for the third straight years.

The real question is whether Cornell and Wisconsin, not a shabby academic institution itself, will play basketball on Sunday, or, instead, have a quick recall College Bowlish Q & A instead?

Okay, that’s not the real question in Kentuckiana. Which real question is: Would Tom Crean’s Indiana Hoosiers have been better with Armon Bassett, a Hoosier transfer who lit it up for Ohio yesterday, and Jordan Crawford, a Hoosier transfer who lit it up for Xavier today? Uh, I imagine.

* * * * *

Now it’s Countdown to Cardinals vs. Cal.

Beyond the usual tournament spielkies (That’s Yiddish for ants in the pants.), I have serious concerns. The Golden Bears are senior-laden, guard-oriented, well-coached and good outside shooters. Those are the characteristics of teams that do well in the NCAA. Those are the characteristics of teams that gave U of L the most trouble this season.

I am not optimistic.

Then again, they’ll still play the game.

– Seedy K

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  1. dennis hummel
    Posted March 20, 2010 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

    Da Cards-oy vey! Who recruited and or coaches these guys?

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