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Monday Musings: Marra, McMurray are Magnifico & Much More

“There’ll be potholes at Daytona before this U of L team wins a big one!” Uh, hmmmm, well . . . who was it that said just the other day this Cardinal team is toast? That would be . . . me. But I did say I hope I was wrong with my dire assessment. […]

Louisville Card File: Syracuse

Tim Higgins taketh away. Tim Higgins giveth. The zebra who is the bane of many Cardinal fans (as well as those of many other schools) certainly helped seal Louisville’s W this afternoon with that intentional foul call against Syracuse’s Chris Joseph with 17.8 to play. Jerry Smith rattled home two FTs for a relatively safe […]

Sunday Snippets: Cats Fans Crowing, Cards Fans Cowering, Snow In The Forecast

There was a time and such a time it was. On a Sunday when Louisville had a nooner (more or less), we’d don our red apparel, gather with friends, brunch, talk over the game plan and get ready to root for the Cards. Today we’re checking the movie schedules, wondering whether U of L will […]

Louisville Card File: St. John’s

If ever there has been a more abrupt, stunning and palpable display of how mediocre this year’s Louisville Cardinals are, and how little national respect they have, tonight was the night. With 3:32 to play, ESPN2 cut away from the U of L debacle in the Garden to the end of the Seton Hall/ Notre […]

Thursday Twitterings: Dickie V, Chris B, BEast Zebras Need To Go, The Rick May Already Be Gone

Updated 2/11 @ 10:15 am Remember when I wrote last week that The Rick might jump to the Nets. Well, read this report from the New York Daily News. While it’s easy to scoff at this innuendo, one of the contributors to the story is none other than “Hoops” Weiss, allegedly a pal of Pitino’s. […]

Strong Proves Stronger Than Dirt

This is surely old innuendo, but I didn’t hear the purported details until I was at a Super Bowl party with somebody very close to the U of L Athletic Department. The gist of it all is that there is definitely a New Sheriff In Town. I’m advised that new Cardinal football coach Charlie Strong […]

Seedy K’s Super Sunday Sports Snippets

I want New Orleans to win because it’s my favorite city. I want Indianapolis to win because Peyton Manning is the most exquisitely performing QB I’ve seen. I want New Orleans to win because New Orleans JazzFest is one of my favorite things to do in life. I want Indianapolis to win because it’s as […]

Louisville Card File: Rutgers

The Cards are an unblemished 2-0 since the biggest moment of the season. Which was last Monday’s absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, unequivocal, don’t even try last chance to give mo’ money mo’ money mo’ money to U of L’s Athletic Department, so you season ticketholders maybe, possibly, might, could conceivably increase your chances […]

Derrick Caracter’s Food for Thought

Loyal reader Fred Smart sent me a link to an interesting article by Bill Knight in the El Paso Times about former Louisville Cardinal enigma, Derrick Caracter. He now plays — apparently very well and without incident — for Tony Barbee’s UTEP Miners. He’s had a number of double doubles and no suspensions since gaining […]

Louisville Card File: UConn

Revised 2/02 6:59 am It is my intention to unequivocally praise the Cardinals’ effort tonight. I’m still from Missouri as for their post season chances. They need to show me they can beat somebody better than them. That’s not UConn. But no more negativitude. * * * * * Peyton Siva, Samardo Samuels, Jared Swopshire […]