The Best B-Ball Talk Show You’ve Never Heard . . . Yet

I’m reminded of that great little intro to “Tighten Up.”

Which goes something like this, “Hi/ I’m Archie Bell/ And the Drells/ We’re from Houston, Texas/ We not only sing, we dance just as good as we want.”

Mark Bacon and Matt Anthony are deejays on Public Radio’s WFPK 91.9. Matt’s show on Friday nights, and Mark’s on Sundays, always provide a unique and interesting reflection of the state of contemporary music. Call them the anti-Sheryl Crow.

Anyway, they’re also major hoops fans. Get it, they not only sing, but dance as good as they want. Meaning they can go to their left and to their right.

So they’ve got this now twice weekly podcast discussing all matters of interest to the denizens of Hoopsylvania, cleverly titled “Nothing But Net.”

You get legit, insightful hoops chatter. And Art Blakey, among many others, playing in the background. Very hip.

Sure, I’m givin’ them a plug because they honored me with a guest shot on their latest show. You scratch my back and I scratch your back. Truth: It is a different look into the world and swirl of hoops. And, with March Madness but days away, who doesn’t want another excuse to surf away from that spread sheet on your office computer screen for some more insight that just might put you over the top in your office bracket pool?

Anyway, check it out. Here’s the link again, in case you missed it above.

– Seedy K

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