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Louisville Card File: UConn

I . . . don’t . . . understand . . . ! . . . ! . . . ! My first thought: LSD flashback. Then I said, no, but maybe it’s some sort of fantasia. So I checked the movie listings. But, no, Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland” has not opened yet. Louisville […]

Recovering From A Clockwork Orange Saturday

Revised 2/28 12:15 pm Yesterday was a great day for Orange. (Unless, of course, your team’s color is burnt orange, as in Hook ‘Em Horns. Texas continued its freefall, which may have been the biggest upset on a day when the b-ball Gods shined their light on all matters orange.) So this morning , I’m […]

The Best B-Ball Talk Show You’ve Never Heard . . . Yet

I’m reminded of that great little intro to “Tighten Up.” Which goes something like this, “Hi/ I’m Archie Bell/ And the Drells/ We’re from Houston, Texas/ We not only sing, we dance just as good as we want.” Mark Bacon and Matt Anthony are deejays on Public Radio’s WFPK 91.9. Matt’s show on Friday nights, […]

Thursday’s Third Degree: Whither Marra, West is Finally Won & Much More

I got questions . . . and some answers: 1 – Mike Marra absolutely was the hero of Louisville’s biggest W of the year at Syracuse. Since then it’s been all pine time and no playing time — as in, nary a nanosecond on the court. I don’t understand. Ricky, you got some ‘splainin’ to […]

Louisville Card File: Georgetown

It is now clear beyond peradventure that Louisville’s double OT barnburning W over a decimated Notre Dame squad and its narrow escape from Chitown with W over a lesser DePaul team were false positives. Tonight U of L’s true colors reared their muted head once again. This is middle of the road band of Cardinals […]

Monday Morn: Cards, Cats, Tiger, Tigers, Team USA & More

Yes, that’s right, you loyal, eagle-eyed readers. There was no Louisville Card File after the herky jerky get out of Chitown as quickly as possible W over the Blue Demons Saturday. Survive and advance, baby. And don’t look back. The Rick offered some explanation for his latest cockamamie lineups. Daft dribblers Smith and Knowles at […]

Whose got more game: Tiger or Curling?

Oh, I’d love to say that I’d rather watch the “sport” that grabs our quadrennial bemused attention during the Winter Olympiad. And I do turn in to this exercise in beer shuffleboard on ice from time to time, when the clicker slips in my hand. Okay, even on purpose. But, as an observer of the […]

Louisville Card File: Notre Dame

Revised 2/18 10:13 a.m. Considering that U of L’s days in Freedom Hall are dwindling — 2 is the lonely number — the immediate reaction after last night’s stirring double OT W over Notre Dame is that it was a Game for the Ages. And, a quick perusal through the media guide indicates that, factually, […]

Hump Day: Cousins Calls Back, Curling Too Close & Crean’s Crimson Not

While I’ve come to abhor the incessant woofing and chest puffing that’s seen all too often these days in sports, I’m giving DeMarcus Cousins a pass this time. UK’s behemoth pivot man went 19/14 on the Bulldogs last night. His pouting was kept to a minimum. And after most of his good plays, he put […]

Kragthorpe No Longer Unemployed

The Tulsa World is reporting that Texas A & M has issued a statement, saying that former U of L Cardinal football coach Steve Kragthorpe has been hired as “passing coordinator” for the Aggies. SK was offensive coordinator at the school from ’98 to ’00. I wonder if Kragthorpe’s Louisville buyout is like alimony? Now […]