Monthly Archives: January 2010

Louisville Card File: Seton Hall

Nothing like a trip to Jersey for the ultimate reality. In the Land o’ The Boss and Tony Soprano, we learned for sure they’ll be a new Boss in the BEast this season. As if that wasn’t already clear. Truth is U of L is simply an ordinary team. The Seton Hall loss, in and […]

Bye Bye Bledsoe: A Big Blue Nightmare

It’s looking more and more like this will have to be the title year for the Cats. If not, the Big Blue Nation might have to wait, who knows, maybe another two or three campaigns until Coach Cal can reload for another overpowering championship run. Seems as if that other guard is starting to turn […]

Cage Countdown: K-State Purple Pounces & Bad Announcers

Revised 1/21/10 4:13 pm. Frankly it’s no surprise that the formerly undefeated Texas Longhorns lost in Manhattan. Kansas State has a long and serious hoops tradition. Frank Martin’s team this season is seriously scrappy. And in the Top 10. The Burnt Orange found itself in a Purple Haze. Talk about color scheme. I swear they […]

Kudos for Coach Cal, Raves for Ragin’ Rex & Other Monday Rumblings

Anybody paying attention here knows I think John Calipari sells faux snake oil for a living. But, at this moment, I have nothing but the highest regard for UK’s Hoops Savior. In about 48 hours he set up a telethon on the Big Blue Network that raised — Cue the Dr. Evil voice — One […]

Louisville Card File: Pittsburgh

That one, boys and girls, was tough. Fred emailed me right after the come from ahead loss, curtly opining, “I’m disgusted.” David called between the end of regulation and OT, and said, “This is the worst ever.” I hung up without replying. (Truth is it was not literally the worst ever. That honor came on […]

Cage Countdown: Panthers Surging, Blue Devils Lurking

So now that the most glorious season in sports is upon us — that would be college hoops conference play — I intend to weigh in periodically as we hoop our way toward the anointment ceremony, otherwise known as Selection Sunday. (If we could only get Dickie V and Jimmy Dykes to shut up, and […]

Mark McGwire & Other Names and Phrases I Care Never to Hear Again

So the former St. Loooie slugger did steroids after all. Geez, imagine our surprise. I mean really whodathunkit? I always thought he and Sosa and Canseco just ate a lot of Wheaties. So the revelation comes as no surprise. But the nonstop 24/7 ESPN coverage sure does. You’d think it was the equivalent of an […]

Louisville Seals QB Deal

Press Release just received from U of L: Quarterback Luke Woodley from Highland Park High School ┬áhas signed a National-Letter of-Intent to the University of Louisville, head coach Charlie Strong announced on Tuesday. A native of Dallas, Texas, Woodley was one of the most prolific passers in the state of Texas. He had a remarkable […]

Louisville Card File: Villanova

This is the way the season ends, not with a bang but a whimper. Blowing a 17 point lead is not a good thing. Okay, it may be too early for doomsaying, Cardinal fans, but the subject is on the table. Plus I like to use such openers, if only to prove to my English […]

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: Cats, Cards, Carroll and Cardinals

So, Pete Carroll, riddle me this. Does your jump to Seattle have anything at all to do with the fact that Southern Cal is facing major NCAA sanctions for major infractions in both the football (Reggie Bush scandal) and basketball (We’re talking O.J. Mayo on the take here) programs? “Not in any way,” the soon […]