Saturday’s Snowy SportsFlakes: Cycling, Soccer & Enough Hoops to Satisfy

Shovel the walk or blog? Shovel the walk or blog? Shovel the walk or blog?

Hmm, well, here I am. First things first.

My suggestion. Finish reading and devouring every word of this. Then shovel the walk and get it over with.

Then grab the clicker, make sure your recliner will lock in at the proper angle, have the TV listings handy and settle in for the day. You got your Cards, your Cats, a big Big 12 smackdown. And, for the real junkies, you got your Aston Villa vs. Fulham soccer matchup at 10:30. (Sure they’re a couple of Premier League middle of the pack squads, but so what?)

* * * * *

You’d never know it by reading the sports page — our local paper ran the article in a separate section — but Louisville’s going to host a truly world class sporting event in 2013. The first time it’s ever been held outside of Europe, truth be told.

We’re talking the world’s cyclocross championships. That’s riders on bicycles, competing at the highest levels of athleticism, over hill and dale. A world class course is to be developed at Eva Bandman Park on Upper River Road.

Stay tuned, but don’t peak too early. We’ve got awhile to get ready for this one.

* * * * *

I periodically post the following Hoopsylvania national anthem as a public service. Simply as a reminder what’s truly important in these parts.

* * * * *

It’s another big road game for the U of L Cardinals in Morgantown. Unless The Rick has really tightened the screws, and this edition of the Cards exhibits more moxie than it has so far this season, it’s going to be a really tough W. The L at Pitt still stings. Bobby Hugs teams are never fun, especially in the comfort of their own home. More so when that guy in buckskin with a long rifle gets an opposing free throw shooter in his sights.

U of L needs to be harvesting some signature Ws, and soon. Or, they’ll slip off the cusp of the Big Dance and firmly into an NIT host role. And wouldn’t that be fun.

The Cards are a 7 point dog. I’d love to say I’ve got a feeling they can pull it out. But I don’t. It’s not impossible, but . . .

* * * * *

Vandy at UK is, other than the smackdown in Kansas, the most interesting tilt of the day.

The Commodores are good. Good enough to win in Rupp? Probably not, but they have done it before.

How UK reacts to its first loss of the season is the big question mark. We’re all pretty sure they’ll come out with their game face on and smite the invaders from that academic school from south of the border. But, this too, is not a sure thing.

I think the Cats win. But not by as much as the Big Blue Nation would like. Should Kentucky lose, the state and team would be on suicide watch. Of course, such a meltdown would generate enough heat to melt the snow, so it would have that goin’ for it.

* * * * *

The major reason to watch Kansas/ Kansas State is to see whether this is the game when the Purple’s coach Frank Martin implodes. This is a fellow ready to go Mr. Creosote, but I’m not offering him that last wafer thin mint.

Can the Wildcats pull off another major upset at home? Yes.

Will they? Uh, I dunno. That’s why they play the games.

* * * * *

Who do you root for when Duke plays Georgetown?

Beats me. Of course, my sweetie a/k/a The Film Babe loooooooooves her some Coach K. She’s already pulled out her Blue Devil ballcap in preparation.

But if there’s a coach as easily dislikable at Mike Krszywskgekrysfskiski, it’s got to be the personality-bereft JTIII. I like the way Thompson’s teams play, but I like my mentors to possess at least a little bit of personality and sense of humor. Neither of which seem to be in his repertoire.

Who do I like in the game? Nobody.

Who do I think will win? CBS. It should garner some nice ratings along the storm plagued Eastern Seaboard.

* * * * *

Has Brett Favre retired yet?

No, but Kurt Warner has. And good for him. Hats off to a guy who understands he has enough $$$ and taking hits like he did a couple of weeks ago is a good reason to hang ‘em up.

* * * * *

The other games I’m interested in seeing today is Northwestern at Michigan State. I don’t think Bill Carmody’s guys have a chance, but I love watching the Princeton offense run in its purest form. And I wonder how far a team with really talented players running it would go? Of course, really talented players like to do their own thing — Can you say Dribble Drive? — which is why most schools stay away from Pete Carril’s concepts.

Plus I want to see the Spartans. They’re one of my current Final Four faves, but I haven’t checked them out for awhile.

* * * * *

As a public service, let me remind that the Pro Bowl kicks off at 7:20 Sunday night. Which I advise so you can be sure to anywhere else but in front of your TV with ESPN dialed up.

* * * * *

John Daly, slimmed down as he may be, hates pro golf. Tiger Woods is the new JD Salinger.

Which raises the question: Whither professional golf?

* * * * *

The New Jersey Nets one game winning streak is over. They lost last night at home to the Washington Bullets, 79-81. Our man TWill contributed 4 points to the losing total. More salient stats: No shootings, No Glock sightings.

* * * * *

Okay, I’m outta here. My better half has suggested that I get out and shovel the walk.

– Seedy K

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