Cage Countdown: K-State Purple Pounces & Bad Announcers

Revised 1/21/10 4:13 pm.

Frankly it’s no surprise that the formerly undefeated Texas Longhorns lost in Manhattan. Kansas State has a long and serious hoops tradition. Frank Martin’s team this season is seriously scrappy. And in the Top 10.

The Burnt Orange found itself in a Purple Haze. Talk about color scheme. I swear they must have turned away any fan showing up in a different color or hue. The only missing piece was Prince at halftime.

Most troubling for the Rick Barnes acolytes had to be that his/their team never seem settled. Losing to a good squad on the road in your conference is never a disgrace. But Texas played with a harum scarum immaturity that doesn’t bode well for their NCAA title chances. (To be fair, I only saw the first half. I’m still recovering from this broken rib thing and I simply shut down during Digger and fell asleep.)

Anyway, Texas used to top my list of championship contenders, but I am now rethinking.

* * * * *

Not only were the Longhorns off their game, so was Bobby Knight.

The usually astute albeit cranky commentator seemed disengaged.

At one point during the first half Brent Musberger asked the former IU coach about Purdue’s recent three game slide? Knight totally ignored the question, talking instead about some arcane move by one of the K-State players.

Musberger prattled on even more than usual.

But neither was as bad as a couple of commentators who used to be good, but now are almost impossible to abide. Bill Raftery has simply gotten too cute for his own good. And Jimmy Dykes must surely be getting a stipend from Mike Slive, given his constant shilling for the SEC.

* * * * *

So, if the Cats take care of business against the Razorbacks, UK will back on top of the rankings.

It’s going to be interesting to see when — and if — they fall. At South Carolina? At Mississippi State? At Tennessee? Or — Oh, the horror of it all — in Rupp to Vandy maybe or Ole Miss?

Ken Pomeroy has Kentucky ranked 13th, two spots behind the Vols. (He has Duke #1, followed by Kansas, Brigham Young, Syracuse and Texas.)

* * * * *

Has there ever been a team in college sports as dominating as the UConn women?

Okay, UCLA during their heyday?

Bud Wilkinson’s Oklahoma Sooners won, what, 55 straight? (Actually it was 47 straight, as loyal reader Golden Dome was so pleased to advise. Guess who broke the streak? Guess where Golden Dome matriculated? You can watch it here. Though the announcer on the highlight says the streak was 46.)

Iowa’s wrestlers?

Anyway, Geno’s Lady Huskies — Is that what they’re called? — are pummeling their opponents, beating other alleged Top 5 schools by 40 or more.

Maybe they should be called Geno’s Dominatrixes?

– Seedy K


  1. fred
    Posted January 19, 2010 at 3:56 pm | Permalink

    Coincidentally, I was also perusing the Pomeroy this morning. (Don’t we lead exciting lives?) Kentucky’s strength of schedule stands at 118 but 18-0 is eighteen and oh. As Parcells said, “You are what the record says you are.” The only game I see them losing might be the game in Knoxville (not withstanding Mr. Pomeroy’s projection that they will lose @ SC and @ Ole Miss) They just might run the table. It’s a perfect storm of talent, momentum and favorable scheduling. Now if we can just get the Cards to steal a few on the road, they might have a chance of dancin’ in March. Otherwise….
    And the UConn women are the best team in college basketball.

  2. Pecker Hickman
    Posted January 19, 2010 at 11:44 pm | Permalink

    I’m not a huge UK fan, but, in response to the previous comment: the UConn women would not beat the UK men. Or most other D-I, D-II, or D-III men’s teams.

  3. cbcard
    Posted January 20, 2010 at 10:39 pm | Permalink

    The UConn women are not the best women’s feam in the country. I am sure there must be at least one team in the WNBA that’s better. OK, upon further review I’m not sure.

  4. Dr. Brocolli
    Posted January 21, 2010 at 10:21 pm | Permalink

    I can vouch for the Purple Haze at K-State. I went to the UL game there a couple of years ago and have never been to an opponents stadium (and I’ve been to a lot) where so many home fans wore their team’s color. I swear at least 98% were wearing purple.

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