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TWill & The Rick: Together Again For The 2d Time

Talk about your equal time, gettaloadathis. I get a call tonight from a “source” who says I can’t even intimate his name. Or that of his source. So the double heresay he say he say goes like this: “This is definitely Ricky P’s last year coaching the Cardinals. The deal’s been cut. He won’t ever […]

Considering the Cardinals As They Head Down The Stretch

At least one fan wasn’t so pleased with my observations about the Louisville Cardinals in the wake of yet another blown opportunity, this time in Morgantown. Basically the comment sardonically complimented my “brilliant conclusions” made in the “emotional fervor of the moment.” I wrote that this edition of the Cards is toast, and that U […]

Louisville Card File: West Virginia

Revised 1/30 5:47 pm The 2009-10 Louisville Cardinals are toast. The loss to West Virginia is simply the latest in a season of meltdowns. The Cards try. They’re good kids. They are not awful. They simply don’t have the wherewithal to close, to stay focused and execute when it matters, to grab the W and […]

LeBron & Coach Cal: Together Again for the First Time

So I get a call here during the first half of UK’s evisceration of Vanderbilt’s Commodores from none other than my man Formerly Known As Source of Year. He’s somewhere where it’s warm and sunny and must have gotten tired of walking the beach, riding his bike and lamenting about the Cardinals’ loss. Anyway, he […]

Saturday’s Snowy SportsFlakes: Cycling, Soccer & Enough Hoops to Satisfy

Shovel the walk or blog? Shovel the walk or blog? Shovel the walk or blog? Hmm, well, here I am. First things first. My suggestion. Finish reading and devouring every word of this. Then shovel the walk and get it over with. Then grab the clicker, make sure your recliner will lock in at the […]

Stupid Sports Stuff

There’s a report out of Tulsa that the Golden Hurricane AD has been contemplating rehiring Steve former coach Kragthorpe as “Assistant Head Coach.” Seems the school isn’t happy with this year’s performance by current coach Todd Graham’s squad. The fly in the ointment: Graham has a 10 year deal, with apparently a substantial buyout. So […]

Kentucky Wildcats are Downey-sized

First of all, let’s make one thing perfectly clear about UK’s first loss of the season. It is squarely the fault of President Barack Obama. The Cats play 19 games. No call from the White House. All Ws. The Cats play one game right after the president calls. L. Prosecution rests. Come next election, the […]

Monday Snowflakes: UK’s Magic Number, NFL Stupidity & A Place to go for Sun

Kentucky is an unblemished 19 games into the Big Blue Nation’s Winter of Content. But, in this era of if a little is good, more must be better, the Cats in the last week of January are less than halfway to their goal. If UK makes it to the final Monday night of the season, […]

Buh Bye Bye Brett

I can’t tell you how pissed I am that even I, who loathes all the pub that Brett Favre has been getting since he left Green Bay, am starting this screed by talking about him. The Devil makes me do it . . . while the Saints go marchin’ in. Yes, Brett Favre is a […]

Louisville Card File: Cincy

Let’s start with the most important — and disturbing — element of Sunday afternoon’s W. Which is those absolutely atrocious new glittery thingamagigs the LadyBirds were wearing. Those were some U.G.L.Y. costumes. Tawdry. Unbecoming. Hardly worthy of the incredibly high quality of the 84 time Galactic Champion LadyBird dance team. They looked like something a […]