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Bowl Prognostication 101: Filling your Stocking with Ws

It was more than a little disconcerting, class, when I received a communication from Joey the Vig yesterday, asking if we wanted to cut a deal and join forces in his bowl pool. As you can imagine, I was skeptical. They do not call him Joey the Vig for nothing. After a nanosecond of consideration, […]

Kudos to Kentucky’s 2000

Folks who come here regularly know that UK is not my favorite team. Their biggest rival is. But I have always loathed the virulent animus that exists between the red and blue fanbases. It seems that too many get more joy from the other team’s travails than from their own success. I absolutely loathe all […]

Monday Knight Hoops

Yes, my fellow Kentuckiana hoopaholics, there’s a team in Louisville that might have started the season in a more disappointing fashion than U of L. I finally got a chance to head over to that little gem of a gym on Norris Place, Knights Hall, to watch Bellarmine take on a thuggish Tusculum Pioneer squad. […]

Kaplan U: Bowl Prognostication 101, Monday Pop Quiz

Get out your paper, pencils and blue books, class. This is an old school test. No laptops. No typewriters. Pen to paper. No looking at your neighbor’s answers. 1 – Will there be a more stupid coaching decision this bowl season than one which occurred in last night’s New Orleans Bowl? Answer: No. Explanation: With […]

Kaplan U: Bowl Prognostication 101, Learning from Early Mistakes

There are several lessons to be learned from Fresno State’s loss to Wyoming on Day 1 of this season’s bowl games. Rutgers W was pretty much to form, so throw it out as something to build on. As for the New Mexico Bowl, well, your not so smart teacher failed to follow Rule # 3 […]

Waiting for Tip Off on Saturday Afternoon

U of L and Western Ky are still a couple hours from tip off. What’s a guy to do? Watch sports on TV, of course. And, blog about it. Saw the ESPN 30 on 30 flick about The U. Really interesting. A lot of things I didn’t remember from those days when Miami ruled college […]

kaplan University: Bowl Prognostication 101, Lesson 1

Okay class, let’s pay attention. It’s a kaplan University Intensive — not to be confused with cousin Stanley’s school — we’ve got here, a crash course covering thirty four bowl games in 19 days. So, let’s get cracking. (By the by, don’t mind those two swarthy fellows standing in the back of the room. There […]

Notre Dame has Cake, Eats it too

It was one of my dad’s favorite expressions: Having your cake and eating it too. Not sure of the origin, but you get the drift, right? It means all benefits flow in one direction. Like, you know, Notre Dame and its relationship with the Big East. Notre Dame gets to participate in all sports other […]

Derrick showing more Caracter?

U of L’s former future ubersuperduperstar center/ Bad Boy Derrick Caracter is back on the hardwood. He went for 15 and 15 against Ole Miss. Always perceptive Gary Parrish has a nice little take on it. Read it here. – Seedy K

Louisville Cardinal File: Oral Roberts

Before we proceed, a moment of silence for the departed televangelist Oral Roberts, who once implored his minions to cough up $8 mill to save the university’s med school. And his breath. If the Benjamins didn’t come, he was going to meet his maker there and then. Thanks to the generosity of the flock, Mr. […]