Bowl Prognostication 101: Hangin’ In There

Okay, so I’ve hit a little rough patch. The felines have not been kind. Wildcats, Bobcats, Wolf Pack have let me down. Not to mention the 12th Man team. And what happened with my ‘Canes? Run over by a giant cheeseball.

And there are still a couple more today that could skew my chances in Joey the Vig’s bowl pool even more. Lookin’ for some love from the upper midwest. Come on Huskers and Vandals.

But, years ago, I learned a lesson. I missed 4 of the first five bowl games, but still won my bowl pool. (It wasn’t one of Joey the Vig’s capers. But he was pissed when he heard some Irishman was getting a bit of my action. That was a lesson learned.)

Remember Rule #4: Stay the course. A few losses early don’t close the deal. So, battered, bruised and bewildered, I trundle forth with an optimism that has little if any empirical basis whatsoever, despite the historical anachronism I described above.

So I’m feeling like the year and decade are going to end on a positive note. I got nothin’ but winners between now and when the ball drops. Sticking to Joey the Vig’s rules, I skipped a Thursday game, the Insight Bowl. As for the rest, here come some Ws:

Armed Forces Bowl: Houston vs. Air Force. Welcome to the Deja Vu All Over Again Rematch Bowl. The Cougs and AirMen were both here last season. Not that it means anything, but Houston won and covered. Houston passes. A lot. Case Keenum led the country in yards through the air. Oddly, — okay, not so oddly, but work with me here — Air Force runs. A lot. 4th most in the land. Neither team plays a lot of D. My nod to Kevin Sumlin’s pass happy Texans.

Sun Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Stanford. The coaching staffs of both teams remain intact. Bob Stoops is not leading the Gators on the field in the Sugar. Jim Harbaugh is not out recruiting for the Fighting Irish. Toby Gerhart is a game changer. I like The Cardinal because of Gerhart, that pine tree mascot and their marching band, the wackiest in the land.

Texas Bowl: Missouri vs. Navy. Riddle me this. How come Air Force and Navy have pretty good teams year in and year out, but West Point hasn’t been a factor since the Lonesome End? Where have you gone Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside? This is gonna sound eerily familiar. Missouri likes to pass. A lot. Navy likes to run. A lot. It’s hard for them to strike by sea on the gridiron. Mizzou has a lot more athuhleticism, if you know what I mean. But I’m feelin’ seaworthy. Go Middies.

Chick Fil-A Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee. There’s one burning question coming into this intriguing matchup. What is it about that one little pickle slice that makes those chicken sandwiches taste so good? Okay one more query. If you knew before it started that there was going to be a coaching controversy during bowl season, what are the odds Lane Kiffin would have been the one? Even money, I’d guess. Instead we got Mike Leach and Urban Meyer and Brian Kelly stealing all the headlines. Of course the Vols are being investigated. So they got that goin’ for ‘em. I think Rocky Top pulls the upset.

– Seedy K

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