Bah Humbug ESPN

As I reiterated just yesterday, and as regular readers know, I’m a less than ardent UK fan.

But even I feel what ESPN Classic did this morning is cruel and unusual punishment, a lump of coal in the Christmas stockings of Cat fans.

The network is running Games for the Ages. Back to back early this a.m., there were replays of the Dream Game and the Christian Laettner game.


I obviously watched the Knoxville game with rapt attention. I’m taping the Duke game. As I wrote yesterday, I was 110% for the Cats in that one, and was devastated by the L.

A few observations about the Dream Game:

1 – The teams wore really short pants.

2 – Bill Keightly looked like a really young man.

3 – The level of play — by both teams — was exemplary.

4 – The scene was as intense as I recall.

5 – Billy Packer was a really astute analyst . . . before he went smug.

6 – Maybe it was because red standouts on TV, but it seemed like there were more Cardinal fans in Stokely than Big Blue fans. Though my memory from being there is that it was 50-50.76 – Of course, there was no shot clock. Still the teams played more deliberately then. Neither squad launched into its offense the way you see today, especially with the motion offense.

7 – Rodney McCray, Lancaster Gordon, Jim Master and Mel Turpin all came to play. Other than the heartache suffered by the Big Blue Nation because of the OT and outcome — and I don’t mean to be dismissive of that — the game met all the incredibly lofty expectations leading up to it.

8 – For whatever reason, UK simply cracked in OT. But it didn’t happen immediately. There was no score for the first 60-80 seconds. Louisville held the ball for a minute on the first possession.

9 – Watching stoic Rodney McCray standing on a bench chair, leading the C*A*R*D*S cheer after the W is one of the singular moments in U of L b-ball history.

– Seedy K

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