Waiting for Tip Off on Saturday Afternoon

U of L and Western Ky are still a couple hours from tip off. What’s a guy to do?

Watch sports on TV, of course.

And, blog about it.

Saw the ESPN 30 on 30 flick about The U. Really interesting. A lot of things I didn’t remember from those days when Miami ruled college football, in the years they won the championship and the years they didn’t.

Catholics vs. Convicts. Classic.

The stories about Schnell purposely leaving his pipe in the home of recruits in the Miami ghettos, so he’d have an excuse to go back for another impromptu visit. I’m tellin’ ya, the guy’s truly one of a kind.

* * * * *

Bobby Knight’s doing the Xavier/ Butler game on the Deuce. Sure, the guy is self righteous. He didn’t call out IU for the Sampson hire, the way he did UK for Coach Cal, did he? And it’s not like he doesn’t have a history too.

But he does provide knowing insight. Early on, he’s talked about how he liked to play zone when his opponents had an out of bounds play at their offensive end. It meant he didn’t have to teach his teams how to defend all the other teams’ inbounds plays. Hmmmmmmm, that sounds familiar. Oh yeah, it was one of Denny Crum’s things too.

Hearing Brent Musburger do the play by play of the b-ball game after watching the old 80′s football clips on the movie serves as a reminder. This guy has been one of the premier voices of American sports — college and pro — for decades. The guy is a survivor. And, unlike some of his age group such as Dick Emberg, hasn’t lost his chops.

* * * * *

Opposite Buter/ Xavier is Carolina/ Texas, a really intriguing match up. Except that to watch it, you have to abide the increasingly annoying Dick Vitale.

The latter game is being played before tens of thousands at the new Cowboys stadium in Dallas. Surely a novelty.

But not as much fun as watching ‘em ball in Hinkle Fieldhouse. Which, like a game at the Palestra or Allen Fieldhouse or Freedom Hall, is enhanced by the venue.

*  * * * *

Bobby Knight’s now railing about the one and done rule.

* * * * *

Tiger Woods.

I felt compelled to weigh in on that weltschmerz.

Other than that, I have nothing further to add.

* * * * *

Vitale is now hyperbolizing about the 60 yard scoreboard at Cowboy Stadium. Now that’s tradition.

The only dome game of any consequence ever, including NCAA title contests, was UCLA/ Houston. It put college b-ball on the map.

Okay, it’s time to leave for game.

Buh bye.

– Seedy K


  1. fred
    Posted December 19, 2009 at 2:51 pm | Permalink

    Bob Knight’s “history” is mainly an anger management issue. Aside from that, he brought IU three banners and nary a whiff of NCAA impropriety.

  2. JJ
    Posted December 19, 2009 at 6:44 pm | Permalink

    Knight , jerk yes, scumbag no.

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