Notre Dame has Cake, Eats it too

It was one of my dad’s favorite expressions: Having your cake and eating it too. Not sure of the origin, but you get the drift, right?

It means all benefits flow in one direction.

Like, you know, Notre Dame and its relationship with the Big East. Notre Dame gets to participate in all sports other than football, adding maybe a scintilla — that means “a tiny trace” — of prestige to the revenue-negative sports. While doing its own thing on the gridiron, attempting to maintain what’s left of its diminishing prestige as a football power.

I find fascinating this quote from AD Jack Swarbrick about possible Irish membership in the Big Eleven: “Our strong preference is to remain the way we are. Independence is a big part of the tradition of the program and our identity. We’d sure like to try to maintain it.”

Gee, Jack, I dunno, fool me I guess, I thought you all were members of a league, not an independent.

So let’s summarize one more time for clarity how this ND/ BEast relationship works. The Irish compete in all sports adding nothing of consequence to the league’s stature. Except not in football, where the conference has to get on its knees and and kiss dirty toes to get a bone of a game every once in awhile. But, if and when ND gets bowl eligible again, they’ll steal a bowl bid from a league team, because, well, they’re B.A.D., nationwide and “independent.”

I simply don’t get it. How can any conference have so little self esteem they’d enter into an agreement like this? It’s not like the Garden would be empty come hoops tourney time if there’s no Irish team in the house.

All of which is to say, it’s long past time to bid the Irish a fond adieu. Notre Dame wants to be truly independent. The Big East should give it to them. Time to cut the umbilical cord.

Time to say, “Buh Bye!!!”

– Seedy K

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