Louisville Cardinal File: Oral Roberts

Before we proceed, a moment of silence for the departed televangelist Oral Roberts, who once implored his minions to cough up $8 mill to save the university’s med school. And his breath. If the Benjamins didn’t come, he was going to meet his maker there and then.

Thanks to the generosity of the flock, Mr. Roberts bought himself an extra decade and a half. Nice work, dude. Rest in peace.

I need to reference my youth before touching on any specifics of last night’s blowout.

When we played ball back then, the neighborhood kids called ourselves the Bonnycastle Bearcats. Alliterative. What adolescents do. It was a running joke that none of us actually lived on Bonnycastle, but we went with it nonetheless.

We had one perpetual opponent. Whether in football. Or baseball. Whatever the sport.

Jimmy Bevars’s Gang. We always won. There were, I don’t know, 6, 7, 8 of us in the Bearcats. JB’s gang consisted of JB and one other friend. Period. Being that team unity was paramount, we never lent any players to JB’s Gang. It’s what adolescents do. I think we still hold the Highlands record for most imaginary men put out in a season.

I was reminded of those lopsided wins last night as the Cards were drawing and quartering an egregiously undermanned Oral Roberts squad. Samardo and four members of the dance champions of the universe Ladybirds would have won the game.

Having said that — thank you Jerry Seinfeld — it was still an encouraging effort by U of L.

Starting with The Rick’s pre-game pep talk, piped into the Hall. Say what you will about the guy — damn his personal choices or recruiting strategy or rotation decisions — the guy can give a pep talk.

Succinct. Energizing. Effective.

Plus he can coach ‘em up. By dumbing down the D. And preaching patience instead of panic.

I still say Edgar Sosa is a 2. Then again, I have no national title trophies sitting in my office. (I do have a Red Auerbach autographed b-ball though, so I got that going for me.) Sosa played his best game since Texas A & M. He made good decisions. His only turnover wasn’t his fault. And his shooting touch has been there most of the season.

Jerry Smith, always seemingly a half step slow, was still all over the court on defense. Great effort.

Here’s what else I liked:

1 – Terrence Jennings. I still say, give the guy more PT. I don’t care how bad he is in practice. He forced a 5 second call at the top of the key. But I also loved the 1st half sequence when Energizer Bunny Peyton Siva ripped an offensive rebound from TJ’s hands.

2 – How Louisville trapped at every opportunity.

3 – The tweaked offensive play that’s a double guard back cut for the oop.

4 – Rakeem Buckles/ Jerry Smith shared dunk on a fast break feed from Sosa. Never seen that before. Give ‘em each a point.

5 – Kyle Kuric’s steady presence on the floor. His speed to the hoop for a slam at 11:40 of the 2d half.

6 – Mike Marra hitting 40% of this threes.

I’m still not so encouraged by:

1 — Samardo Samuels jumping ability. Actually, the lack thereof. Truly, the guy has no hops. And he needs to follow the lead of Kuric and take it hard to the hole. He tends to flip it up. At one point, a fan yelled, “You gotta give Samuels credit, at least he tried to dunk it.”

2 – The fan response — severe lack of enthusiasm — when the cheerleaders and Ladybirds actually tried to initiate a cheer. GO/ CARDS.

3 – That everybody’s fave, The Boogie Man, wasn’t in the house.

4 – The rampant commercialism. During a break, security guard Kevin Churchill and Louisville Metro police officer Jeff Lauder who saved Churchill’s life after he was shot during a robbery, were introduced. How were they honored? By getting to toss Dean’s Milk t-shirts to the crowd. True.

And so it goes.

Cards vs. Toppers on Saturday. Don’t bother knockin’, the Hall will be rockin’.

– Seedy K


  1. Mark
    Posted December 17, 2009 at 10:29 am | Permalink


    you are SO RIGHT about TJ. Give that man more PT! Kuric, Buckles and Marra, too.

    No Boogie Man? Fo’ real??

  2. fred
    Posted December 17, 2009 at 12:11 pm | Permalink

    The play that stood our for me was actually a turnover. TJ took the ball off the glass and doing his best Wes Unseld imitation, kept the ball above his head, turned and threw an overhead two handed outlet toward midcourt. Granted it was intercepted/deflected. The point is, he had the aggressiveness and moxie to find someone that far down the floor and try to get it there. I, too, would give him more PT. Also, you and I both have the same number of rings, i.e. one less than Rick, but I just don’t understand the substitution patterns either. It’s had to get a rhythm going four minutes at a time.

    As to commercialism , I didn’t like being coerced into being an extra in one of John Schnatter’s commercials. I just have this problem with using the UL basketball program, its cheerleaders and the Denny Crum court to sell pizza and beer. But money talks.

  3. Seedy K
    Posted December 17, 2009 at 12:41 pm | Permalink

    I blocked out the whole Papa John thing so much, that I forgot to make some pithy comments about it. Having said that — to go Seinfeldian one more time — I wasn’t as bothered about that half time thing as I am by the incessant Deans Milk Kroger Sun Tan City Window World Chug Free Taco Spin, during every timeout.

  4. Dr. Brocolli
    Posted December 18, 2009 at 12:32 am | Permalink

    For being shot in both legs Kevin was moving around pretty good out there. Good for him.

  5. cbcard
    Posted December 18, 2009 at 12:27 pm | Permalink

    We need to bring back:

    “Go Cards! Beat Purdue!”

  6. Seedy K
    Posted December 18, 2009 at 1:16 pm | Permalink

    Good point, Dr. Brocolli.

  7. doug dukes
    Posted December 19, 2009 at 9:48 am | Permalink

    Here’s the story on Kevin Mitchell and Jeff Lauder:
    I saw Kevin interviewed after being released from hospital. I was impressed with his humility and forgiveness toward the shooter; noticed his UL toboggan and sweatshirt.
    I read Officer Lauder’s “no big deal” comments in the CJ; wondered if he might be UL fan. (Yes.)
    Tis the season, you know. After a bunch of phone calls, plan was to take Kevin, his guest of choice (his brother), and Jeff to the game. Met with them early and had dinner. They enjoyed 4 second row mid-court seats.

    OK, the t-shirt tossing might have been a little over the top, but don’t bust my chops too much! I wanted to do a good deed for a couple of good guys after a traumatic experience. Kevin and Jeff had a great time, believe me.
    Doug Dukes
    Dean’s Sales Manager

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