Monthly Archives: December 2009

Bowl Prognostication 101: The Year’s Final Lesson

Rule # 1: Joey the Vig always wins. As in, ALWAYS. Air Force has just launched Houston into the stratosphere. I am mired in mediocrity in Joey the Vig’s pool. I have no chance of winning for the most number of winners. Or for the least which comes with a token booby prize. Thus I […]

Feathers vs. Fur, Take I: Hitler chooses Sides

Red fans will love this. Blue fans will hate this. – Seedy K

Louisville Card File: South Florida

Here’s the question I’ve been getting for days now. “Does U of L have any chance whatsoever against Kenucky?” Of course, the Cards have a chance. They’re going to play the game, right? Truth is UK is a very very very talented and good team. But the Cats aren’t invincible. Tonight’s league opener however provided […]

Bowl Prognostication 101: Hangin’ In There

Okay, so I’ve hit a little rough patch. The felines have not been kind. Wildcats, Bobcats, Wolf Pack have let me down. Not to mention the 12th Man team. And what happened with my ‘Canes? Run over by a giant cheeseball. And there are still a couple more today that could skew my chances in […]

The Tiger Challenge – This Guy’s Mo’ Betta’

What I love most about Tiger Woods’ recent fall from grace is my buddy David no longer heralds him as the Greatest Athlete in the History of Athletics. What a welcome respite. But there are plenty of folks who think the golfer — that’s right, a golfer — is still the best “athlete” of the […]

Louisville Card File: Radford

Say what you will about Rick Pitino — and more than a few Card fans for some reason or another are ready to move on to the next regime — he does something better than any other coach in the game these days. Perhaps ever. He can cut off the head of his foe. If […]

Urban goes Suburban for only a year – How Strong does that leave the Cards?

Perhaps you noticed the gaggle of cameras and media types on the edge of the court before U of L’s tipoff against Radford. Tom Jurich was updating scribes on Urban Meyer fallout and how it might affect the Cardinals. Was Charlie Strong a prime candidate? Did he know anything? Etc, etc. TJ put on a […]

Bowl Prognostication 101: From Now to New Year’s Eve

Talk about a lump of coal in the ol’ stocking, how about this: SMU 45 Nevada 10. Which means I failed to adhere to Rule #24: Don’t bet on a team journeying to Hawaii, unless the team knows how to play in Hawaii. Thus, I ignored the June Jones factor. Much to my chagrin. And […]

Louisville Card File: Louisiana (Lafayette)

Interesting thing — at least to me — about the school that we used to know as Southwest (or was it Southeast) Louisiana. In the Sun Belt literature, the school is consistently referred to as Louisiana Lafayette. But the info the school’s SID passes out to the media refers to the school simply as Louisiana. […]

Bah Humbug ESPN

As I reiterated just yesterday, and as regular readers know, I’m a less than ardent UK fan. But even I feel what ESPN Classic did this morning is cruel and unusual punishment, a lump of coal in the Christmas stockings of Cat fans. The network is running Games for the Ages. Back to back early […]