Monthly Archives: November 2009

Petrino a Hilltopper? Fuhgettaboutit!

Who was that alleged know it all that wrote yesterday that Paul Petrino would probably, more than likely, could be, would be, should be Western Ky’s next football coach? Yeah, it was me. Then Petrino returned to Fayetteville and issued a statement, withdrawing his name from contention. Read: The Toppers told him they were choosing […]

Card Files: East Tennesee State & Morgan State

Quick shots on U of L’s lackluster win over ETSU on Saturday and better performance against talented, well-coached Morgan State today. U of L 69, ETSU 56. East Tennessee’s coach Murry Bartow handed Hall of Fame, two-time national champ coach Denny Crum his last two losses. He was then in charge at UAB, where he […]

WKU’s Next Coach

All the buzz this afternoon is that Paul Petrino, brother of Bobby, is in Bowling Green, working out a deal to take over the Hilltopper pigskin program. Stay tuned to see if it’s true or not. – Seedy K

Cats & Quacks Comeback, The Dome Cracks . . . Cards Roll Kraps

Revised 11/22 at 5:12 p.m. Sorry, Charlie, All the KIng’s Horses and All the King’s Men are otherwise engaged. In Lawrence, trying to put Kansas’ own version of Humpty Dumpty Mangini back together again. Kansas 20, Hook ‘Em Horns 51. So, not only are the Rock Chalk Jayhawk faithful wondering why their coach is so […]

Cousins, Calipari & Cravat Controversy at Catspause

Let the kvetching commence! UK beat Sam Houston State handily. Yet, with three fresh faced frosh, playing only their third college game, scoring 66% of the Cats points, the caterwauling still began. Yes, Kentucky’s defense was as substantial as cardboard that sat at the curb in an all day rain. Giving up 18 threes just […]

Saturday’s Pick Four, 12th Edition (+ 1 on Sunday)

Seems like just yesterday we were shvitzin’ like pig on on a spit, waiting for autumn and college football. And here we are at Buckeye/ Wolverine¬† weekend and wonder what’s happened to the glamor and excitement? Yawn. The slumbering finale of last week’s Iowa/ Ohio State game was the season in microcosm. Tis a campaign […]

The Rick Listens, Reggie Rocks, Cards Roll

Before we delve more deeply into Louisville’s W over the depleted Razorbacks, I gots to ask a question. Who was the guy who not so long ago wrote that Reggie Delk and Jared Swopshire were the weak links in this year’s version of the Cardinals, that they are the fellows most likely to get lost […]

Musin’ on a Tuesday Afternoon

Revised 11/18. 10:25 a.m. An alert reader advises that Lou Holtz does not have bad dentures, but suffers from a speech impediment. In fact, he has become and advocate for people suffering similar speech disorders. Thus my attempts at humor regarding his speech are seriously ill advised. I thus have edited my comments in this […]

The Sky is Falling . . . Uh, Wait a Second!

The most disappointing performance of this Monday night — Except for Baltimore and Cleveland who are doing their best U of L vs. ‘Cuse imitation midway through the 2d quarter — is that of the boyz at I mean they’re actually cutting their 2-0 Cats some slack. Perspective. Whodathunkit? Okay, one guy was calling […]

How Many Syllables, Mario?

Okay, the title is an obscure quote from the movie, circa late 60s, early 70s, “Putney Swope.” My point being that everybody I know with even the slightest interest in U of L football is asking anybody who might have once sat next to Tom Jurich at Lake Forest CC’s 19th Hole if they have […]