Jurich Stands Up . . . But No Tuberville or Leach for Louisville

First, I was struck by how Tom Jurich, who has been noticeably quiet during all the talk talk during the season, took the blow on Kragthorpe. 100% responsibility. Good for him. His genuine anguish over the situation was palpable. Firing a decent person is never easy. Taking responsibility for a big mistake is never easy.

This morning Tom Jurich did both, and handled it like a mensch.

Moving on the Who’s next?

My reliable source who has provided correct information in the past, advises that U of L’s next coach will be neither Tommy Tuberville nor Mike Leach.

My previous post regarding a contract already in the works for ???somebody??? is probably BS, but I warned that such was a possibility when I posted the innuendo earlier today. But, hey, you’re sitting at your computer, traveling the cybergalaxy for any info, so I gots to play the game.

Anyway, let the conjecture flow.

When I know something, you’ll know something. Stay tuned.

– Seedy K

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