Long Live The Quack

So my Oregon Ducks are but a Civil War smackdown away from vanquishing the mighty Buckeyes in Pasadena on New Year’s Day. Beware Beavers. And be very afraid.

And, given their pigskin pulchritude, the Duck Diaspora is expanding exponentially by the day. Contact me if you wish to join the KenDucky Lovers Society.

Thus the eminent but previously irrelevant and unheralded “musical” contingent, known as Supwitchugirl, has fashioned a paean to Oregon’s pigskinners, affectionately if not especially creatively called, “I Love My Ducks.” There is some minor brouhaha about how the school’s sphincter-tightened muckety mucks are tyring to pull the video be from the dub dub dub. Good luck wit dat.

Silly them.

Quack reigns. Enjoy:

– Seedy K

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