Friday & Saturday’s Pick Five, Lucky 13th Edition

Thanks to the stunning comeback of my birthtown Motown Lions on my only Sunday pick of the year, my tally last weekend was 4 up, 1 down. I stand 36-24 for the season. Which .60 winning percentage ain’t bad in any league.

Since my Quack doesn’t play again until next Thursday, I have to look elsewhere for pigskin sustenance.

Rutgers @ Louisville. This one looked like the unbuckle no brainer of the season, until . . . the Jersey boys were stunned by the Syracuse Orange. Thereby displaying the possibility that they can be had by a far lesser team. Which descriptor describes the Louisville Cardinals. Who knows how Coach K’s charges will play before a half empty stadium at brunch time in most likely their mentor’s last game? The state university of NJ has more on the line than the homeboys. Thus I stay with the favorites, but knowing the red & black might have that one elegant effort in their arsenal. I’d love to wrong on this one.

Pittsburgh @ West Virginia. Talk about strange situations, consider Mountaineer football. It’s obvious this Bill Stewart fellow, who lucked into the job, ain’t no Rich Rod. (Then again, Rich Rod ain’t no Rich Rod no more either.) But he’s not bad enough that they can move on. Now they’ve got arch rival Pitt coming to town. And the boys in buckskin are hoping to derail the Panthers in a payback for ’07. For some unfathomable reason with no tangible basis whatsoever, I believe Dave Wannstedt has actually turned things around in Steeltown. Pitt will come into next week’s faceoff with the Bearcats with a win over W.Va..

Tennessee @ Kentucky. As my nemesis Wildcat Willie advised just moments ago, “there is no such thing as the law of averages.” Which was in response to my stated opinion that UK was going to smote Rocky Top sooner or later. It’s not like the Cats will never beat them again. Staying in the here and now, the pertinent question remains: Is this the year? If the Big Blue wins, it more than likely plays on New Year’s Day. Otherwise it’s back one more once to NashVegas for a C & W Christmas. I say the faithful will be ringing in the New Year in balmy Fla.

Clemson @ South Carolina. Several weeks into the season, Tiger fans were ready to deep six Dabo Swinney. Now the team is on a 6 game W streak, including beatdowns of Miami and Florida State. As such things go, if they win this weekend and beat Georgia Tech for the league title, Swinney will probably nab a 15 year extension on his contract. As for the other sideline, I’m not the only guy thinking this could be the Ol’ Ball Coach’s last regular season game. (In the SEC, every school with six wins plays in the post season.) Dabo does it. Spurrier says sayonara.

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma. What is it with all this orange this week? Anyhow I’m looking at this game, because I need an Orange tiebreaker. The Cowboys are an under the radar 9-2, but a 9 1/2 dog to the Sooners. Hmmmmmmmm! Somebody in Vegas must know something I don’t. Wouldn’t be the first time. Stoops’ guys have won the last five handily, tallying 38, 42, 27, 49 and last year’s 61-41 shootout. I’m not going to allow that very identifiable trend to dissuade me from my ignorance. I think T. Boone Pickens will be smilin’ when the final gun goes off.

– Seedy K

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