Card File: Appalachian State

Wonder which of his last two visits to Freedom Hall to play U of L caused Buzz Peterson the most heartburn?

Last night the Cards had his App State squad measured the entire tilt. Not a great night for the overmatched Mountaineers. It wasn’t like playing the Wolverines in the Big House or anything like that.

It was a different deal altogether in December, 2001, during The Rick’s first season. The BuzzMeister was still in charge of the Tennessee Vols. It was a game that established the beginning of the Pitino lore at U of L, kind of a mini Mard Gras Miracle. If Card fans can stand the comparison to a W by you know who up the road.

The Vols had the Cardinals in check. Until the last minute, when — down beat please, Keith Moon — U of L went Reign O’er Vols. Treys fell like rain from the sky. Peterson looked ashen after the improbable 72-73 L, which defeat in no small part hastened the end of his stint in Knoxville.

Last night his squad matched threes with the Cards, but still lost going away by 27.

One must assume The Rick has lost his sartorial sense. First Ralph Willard does his Tom Jurich imitation on the bench, wearing a mock turtle neck. Then Preston Knowles breaks through against Morgan State, wearing a t-shirt under his jersey. Last night, the deluge. Siva, Jennings and Brickley joined Knowles. Have they no sense of decency?

So allow me to officially kick start my campaign for the Cards to wear actual t-shirt jerseys. Talk about some signature unis!!!!

In the latest polls, there are 7 BEast teams in AP’s Top 25, and 6 in the ESPN/ USA Today poll. Extrapolating that into percentages, it means, at this point in the season, 25% of the country’s elite ball in what remains the nation’s toughest hoops league. Big drop off from last year, eh?

Is Preston Knowles the new Taquan Dean? I stand by my opinion that Dean hit more significant, game-changing or game-securing shots during his career than any other Cardinal. Knowles appears ready to be the new Mr. Big Shot. When the Cards have struggled this season, hitting a lull, seems like Knowles is the one who makes the play to kick start a run.

Why has Samardo turned into a woofer?

In the second half, Louisville had a lineup with Goode and Samuels in at the same time. Interesting. Can’t remember that happening before. TJ played 15 minutes without a board. Time for that fella to get his head in the game.

That Mike Marra‘s long range shot is taking a while to come around bothers me not in the least. What intrigues me is how long he plays. Great hops. Lengthy arms. Quick reflexes. Last night I kept wondering if he’s the Rex Chapman the Cards were supposed to get but never did?

Peyton Siva to Reggie Delk on a back door layup was the Cards prettiest play of the season.

U of L has no superstars at the top end of the roster. But there is hardly any drop off, even at the end of the bench. This is the deepest U of L team in memory.

Milt Wagner was the ticket guy of the night. No long time Cardinal fan will ever forget the end of the last regular season game of the ’86 championship season. Memphis State is up. Andre Turnover has two FTs that will secure the W. He misses both. Then fouls Wagner in the corner with seconds to go on the clock. Freedom Hall erupts. It is unquestionably the loudest moment at a U of L game ever in Freedom Hall. Period. End of discussion. (Yes, even more so than the cacophony during the comeback against Tennessee.)

Wagner waved his arms before the charity tosses, imploring the crowd to get louder. Of course, he made them both. He always made important FTs. Denny Crum had several ploys to make sure Milt always got the ball when the other team was going to foul and the game was on the line. Louisville 70, Memphis State 69.

– Seedy K


  1. gnash001
    Posted November 24, 2009 at 10:03 am | Permalink

    You just cited two of my most memorable Freedom Hall games. Being a resident of Tennessee for the past fourteen years, any win over any Tennessee team is sweet!

  2. fred
    Posted November 24, 2009 at 11:20 am | Permalink

    I know there are other teams, like the one down the road, with crazy, lottery-pick type talent 1 through 5, but I can’t remember a UL team with more talent all the way through the end of the bench. When one or two of those lottery picks has a bad night, you’ve got problems. In the Big East, this kind of depth will be a big factor. TJ needs to get focused. At 6-10, five or six rebuonds a game should just hit him in the head.

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