The Rick Listens, Reggie Rocks, Cards Roll

Before we delve more deeply into Louisville’s W over the depleted Razorbacks, I gots to ask a question.

Who was the guy who not so long ago wrote that Reggie Delk and Jared Swopshire were the weak links in this year’s version of the Cardinals, that they are the fellows most likely to get lost in the shuffle?

Oh yeah, that was me.

Oopsy daisy!!!

Shows how much I know.

(But, hey, you’re here already. Please read on.)

Okay, one more question. Who said Ralph Willard would be the best addition for the Cards?

Yep, same guy. Me.

Shows how much I know.

The Rick gave his new ace assistant credit for using Delk early instead of Kyle Kuric. Good move. The Mississippi State transfer showed signs of life for the first time since he’s been a Cardinal. Actually much more. 20 points. 5 boards. A couple of assists, a couple of steals, a blocked shot and 0 turnovers. Now, that my fellow hoopaholics, is a great line in the box score.

Hopefully he’s totally shaken off the Curse of TWill for good. (As yet more evidence that what goes around comes around. TWIll’s Nets remain the NBA’s only winless squad.) Et tu, dude.

Plus it was Delk’s sweat that Rotnei Clarke was wringing from his jockstrap after the tilt. I set the over/ under on the fire plug guard’s tally at 13. (He’d netted 51 in Arkansas’ opener.) Delk, along with Knowles and Smith and Sosa and Siva, put the clamps on Clarke. When he touched the ball he must have felt like he was on a Tokyo subway. 16 was the number he scored.

A reader wrote me this morning, comparing Jared Swopshire to Jamal Wilkes. Actually he said Keith Wilkes, deferring to the name used when the forward was matriculating at UCLA. Maybe. I like to think Swop can turn into Herbert Crook, the best 2d forward to play for the Cards. Won a title too. Swopshire tallied 10 points, 11 RBs and a couple of assists.

Edgar Sosa had 7 assists against only a couple TOs. It still seemed like he was playing out of control and thinking “I can drive through this traffic jam and score” instead of passing. Looks can obviously deceive.

Of the major players, the most iffy to me remains ├╝berheralded Samardo Samuels. Four boards in 27 minutes. Not enough. 50% shooting from point blank range. Not enough. Plus he continues to think “I need to score” almost every time he touches the ball.

Siva, Buckles and Kuric played nervous, committing some really stupid fouls. Marra played nervous, not able to find the range on his allegedly fearsome jumper. TJ is yet to show up this year. George Goode registered a DNP and is obviously not doing something right.

The one stunning stat for Louisville was its 2.5 to 1 assist to TO ratio. 25 helps to only 10 giveaways. Sweet.

All in all a stalwart if not scintillating effort against a woefully undermanned Arkansas squad. Louisville has three rummies coming up this weekend to prepare for its first real test of the season at UNLV on Thanksgiving weekend.

– Seedy K

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  1. fred
    Posted November 18, 2009 at 4:47 pm | Permalink

    Bobby Knight said during the telecast that this year’s team has the potential to be better than last year’s. Interesting assessment. I too am waiting for Samardo to…..well, DO something. Aside from having trouble rebounding, shooting and holding on to the ball, he’s fine.

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