Musin’ on a Tuesday Afternoon

Revised 11/18. 10:25 a.m. An alert reader advises that Lou Holtz does not have bad dentures, but suffers from a speech impediment. In fact, he has become and advocate for people suffering similar speech disorders. Thus my attempts at humor regarding his speech are seriously ill advised. I thus have edited my comments in this piece. Apologies to Lou Holtz and to anyone who might have been offended.

One of the nagging issues about college hoops, one ruminate upon by Seth Davis more than anybody, is the lack of legitimate Opening Day. Years ago it was the first weekend of December. But there’s obviously been some time creepage.

This ESPN 24 hour marathon, as gimmicky as it may be, is way nifty. I’m so sure my buddy Johnny P canceled all his court appearances for this day when he learned of it. The guy is a hoopaholic. He’s not alone.

Sooooooooo, to honor all so addled, to honor of the season, and for your viewing and listening pleasure, please stand, doff any chapeau you might be wearing, take a moment of silence to thank the B-ball Gods and Goddesses on high for the tip off of another of our most hallowed seasons, and allow me to present the Hoopsylvania National Anthem:

* * * * *

Anyway, I’m watching Temple and Georgetown tally buckets at a point a minute pace . . . combined. Looks like the Owls have been up all night catching all the action on ESPN’s sumptious hoops marathon. So far the Hoyas are looking like the team that tanked last year after starting 10-1, bashing UConn on the road in their Big East Opener and ending up one and done to Baylor in the NIT.

Trying to morph into a man of some moderation, I’ve been picking and choosing my spots on this game after game after game after game day. (19 games in 24 hours. Life could be worse.)

Unfortunately I decided to workout on the elliptical in front of the TV while Clemson was dismantling Liberty. I did watch part of that St. Peter’s/ Monmouth battle that tipped off at 6:00 a.m. It was pretty neat, seeing all those fans — not just students pulling all nighters either — in the stands at such an early hour.

The downside of course was the season’s first encounter with He Who Would Be Digger. At 6:54 a.m., if you desire exactitude. What does it say about the guy when the first thing we look for is what color his tie and marker are? Well, for one, he knows how to market himself. And, he has nothing cogent to say about the game of basketball.

What is it about ESPN and Notre Dame? Phelps knows no hoops and what he may discern he absolutely can’t articulate. Lou Holtz similarly provides little insight, and his shtick wore off long ago. Guess those Irish castoffs have photos of network execs with kiddie porn or something. Kind of like they do with the Big East. All of which does nothing at all for the viewing audience, but bodes well for Humpty Dumpty Weis, when he’s canned in South Bend. He’ll be able to take his paltry $18 mill buyout and feel secure he’ll find a job on College Gameday.

* * * * *

U of L tips off in a couple of hours against Arkansas. The Razorbacks are some missing some pieces because of suspensions. Maybe the Cards will finally win one of these November neutral court made for TV games.

I’m most interested in seeing what Hog Rotnei Clarke does. Doing his best Bevo Francis imitation, he netted half a hundred +1 in their opener. Thirteen treys.

One thing Rick Pitino does as good as any coach ever when he has time to fully strategize is shut down one player on the other team. I’m guessin’ Clarke will be washing Preston Knowles and Peyton Siva sweat out of his jockstrap after the game. I’m placing the over/ under on Clarke’s output tonight at Lucky 13.

* * * * *

Is it just me, or are we making tooooooooo big a deal over Bill Belichick’s decision to go for it on 4th and 2 at his own 28 with two minutes to play? At any moment I’m looking for the announcement of an 8 part series dissecting the move on the History Channel. New footage. DVD narrated by the ghosts of Walter Cronkite and John Facenda available at

Anyway, the New York Times reports their computers back the Patriots Head Curmudgeon. Who am I to disagree?

I just hope for pro football sage Peter King’s sake, he has a cup of decaf Starbucks that will calm him down, and allow him to move on with his life.

* * * * *

Oh shit. The Hoyas have pulled away from Temple 19-13 at the half. And my screen is now filled with the lime green images of Digger’s tie and magic marker. Let’s face it, the guy has more wardrobe changes than Lady Gaga. I’ve seen the guy only twice and I’m already on the phone to my personal physician for a script to treat the symptoms of gibberish toxicity.

And you know who — Hint: “Freeze Itttttt!” — has yet to be heard from. A buddy of mine is betting he’ll be in St. Louis for the doubleheader that includes U of L. I’m betting Michigan State/ Gonzaga. Whatever, you know it’s coming folks. Get out those Bose sound reduction headphones.

* * * * *

As of 4:58 p.m., Steve Kragthorpe is still U of L’s football coach. But I did get an email from a source today. In its entirety, it read, “Mike Leach.”

* * * * *

Two other things have been lost in the cacophony over Belichick’s strategy. 1) It wasn’t the most boneheaded coaching decision of the day. Jacksonville’s Jack Del Rio wins that honor. He had RB Maurice Jones-Drew take a knee at the one yard line instead of scoring a TD with a minute and a half to go. The Jags were down a point at the time. You can laud Del Rio all you want, that decision was stoooooooooopid.

You gotta score when you can score. Anything can happen on a FG attempt, even at point blank range. If Bill Belichick was dissing his D, what was Del Rio’s message to his? Mark Sanchez ain’t no Peyton Manning, and the rookie would have to lead the Jets down the field for a TD.

Now that was a Leonard Pynth Garnell Baaaaaaaaaaad Call of the Day.

* * * * *

Would I be remiss if I were to end this rambling opus without mentioning The Second Coming’s game winner for the Cats against Miami’s feisty Red Hawks?

Yes I would.

So I have.

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted November 19, 2009 at 12:05 am | Permalink

    Lou also has a problem dealing with reality and common sense. And that has nothing to do with his speech.

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