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Kragthorpe Leaves as a Mensch

“Mensch” is a Yiddish word that roughly means “a person of honor and integrity.” Listen to what Steve Kragthorpe did today. He held a press conference two days after being fired. He answered the questions asked him by the local press. He had nary a bad word for anybody, not the mainstream press, not the […]

Card File: UNLV

In a moment that I shall mark on a timeline, I actually agree with The Rick’s spin on yesterday’s loss to UNLV. That the Cards fell behind early didn’t surprise me. That they manned up and made a feisty comeback was heartening. It was a loss much easier to digest than those early Ls of […]

Jurich Stands Up . . . But No Tuberville or Leach for Louisville

First, I was struck by how Tom Jurich, who has been noticeably quiet during all the talk talk during the season, took the blow on Kragthorpe. 100% responsibility. Good for him. His genuine anguish over the situation was palpable. Firing a decent person is never easy. Taking responsibility for a big mistake is never easy. […]

Kragthorpe Out at Louisville . . . Who is Next?

Tom Jurich announced at a noon press conference that Steve Kragthorpe has been relieved of his duties as U of L football coach. He told the coach, “the school wants to move in the right direction.” Jurich took full responibility for the situation. “It’s 100% my responsibility.” I’m advised by someone close to the university, […]

Kragthorpe’s Fallacy of Composition

Here’s part of Steve Kragthorpe’s argument for another year, after the Cards were throttled by Rutgers 14-34: “They gave Dan (Hawkins) another year at Colorado and I’m happy for him. I’ve won one less game than (Pittsburgh coach) Dave Wannstedt won in his first three years at Pitt, so I hope I get another chance […]

Friday & Saturday’s Pick Five, Lucky 13th Edition

Thanks to the stunning comeback of my birthtown Motown Lions on my only Sunday pick of the year, my tally last weekend was 4 up, 1 down. I stand 36-24 for the season. Which .60 winning percentage ain’t bad in any league. Since my Quack doesn’t play again until next Thursday, I have to look […]

Long Live The Quack

So my Oregon Ducks are but a Civil War smackdown away from vanquishing the mighty Buckeyes in Pasadena on New Year’s Day. Beware Beavers. And be very afraid. And, given their pigskin pulchritude, the Duck Diaspora is expanding exponentially by the day. Contact me if you wish to join the KenDucky Lovers Society. Thus the […]

A Change Is Gonna Come

And I use that come on of a title with my most sincere apologies to Sam Cooke. But I couldn’t help myself. The devil made me do it. The point is that a reliable source who has provided spot on information in the past advises that action is imminent regarding the U of L coaching […]

Charlie Weis & Steve Kragthorpe — Tale of Two Coaches

For sure Charlie Weis and Steve Kragthorpe aren’t the only two coaches in charge of teams whose fan bases are not happy with on field results and thus frothing at the mouth in anticipation of change. But they are the two coaches who are drawing the most pub — negative, of course — in this […]

Card File: Appalachian State

Wonder which of his last two visits to Freedom Hall to play U of L caused Buzz Peterson the most heartburn? Last night the Cards had his App State squad measured the entire tilt. Not a great night for the overmatched Mountaineers. It wasn’t like playing the Wolverines in the Big House or anything like […]