Saturday’s Pick Five, Halloween Edition

Squish. Splat. Kethunk. Sssssssssshhhhhhhhhh.

A week after going a perfect 5-0, I was back on my less than considerable game when this Saturday ended with a thump. WashU, Colorado and Team Helmet all let me down. My 2-3 tally for last weekend notwithstanding, I’m still 23-17 on the season.

And now that real autumn is upon us, I’m sure to increase that winning percentage. I’m feelin’ it this Halloween Saturday. No tricks. All treats. Here we go:

Arkansas State @ Louisville. Seems these days that a three point loss to an undefeated Big 11 team goes a long way. The Red Wolves are 2-4, but were respectable at Iowa. So this very ordinary Sun Belt squad is now only a 2 1/2 dog to the Cardinals. (The line started at 4, and has gotten more dumbfounding as kickoff approaches.) A loss Saturday and they might as well back the moving van to Steve Kragthorpe’s office before his always useless post game comments. Truth is, a win won’t make much difference. Or shouldn’t make much difference. I say Will Stein dons his Stefan LeFors Halloween duds and leads the Cards to a disturbingly narrow W.

Southern Cal @ Oregon. What is it about those Ducks that I can’t stay away? My name is Seedy K and I’m a Quackaholic. Last week, I made the mistake of picking against my favorite unis in all of sports. Sigh. This week, one-loss SoCal comes a callin’. I just read an interesting and flattering profile on Pete Carroll. So I don’t hate him quite as much as I used to. But those Trojans sure have made skirting the eligibility rule book a fine art. I think the Ship of Troy (Is that an apt metaphor?) has righted itself. Nonetheless, I can’t again go against the Green, and Black and Neon Yellow of Quack. Oregon goes W.

Ole Miss @ Auburn. The Rebels are 5-2, and have a two game hum woikin’. The Tigers have finally fallen prey to the Chizik Effect. They won their first five and have dropped three conference encounters in a row. The faithful are starting to go Bill Battle on their first year coach. Whatever did they expect? His record at Iowa State was deplorable. Mississippi might finally be gettin’ its groove on after a disappointing start. There are serious trends in play here. Who am I to disagree? The Rebs return to Oxford town with a W.

Duke @ Virginia. Only a fool would take a pick in this one. Hey, I’ve been called worse. David Cutcliffe’s Blue Devils have lost thrice, but are 2-0 in the ACC. Of course, Ws over NC State and Maryland aren’t exactly resume builders. Plus there’s that loss to, ahem, Richmond. But hope springs eternal in the Land of K, especially when hoops is on the horizon. The Wahoos lost three. Then won three. Then were pummeled by the Ramblin’ Wreck. I have no clue. But when I flipped the coin, it came up Thomas Jefferson.

Mississippi State @ Kentucky. So intense is Rich Brooks, he mixed up his holidays. He thought it was Christmas and went Scrooge when his charges wanted to wear black like the fans. Actually, I love him for his stand. Old school rules. After all, the cheer is not “Go Big Black.” The Cowbells are 3-5, and were respectable against the Gators last week. But, hell, everybody’s lookin’ sharp against Team Tebow. QB by Committee wins. Especially when that Cobb fella is sittin’ in the chairman’s seat. Mississippi State leaves the Bluegrass black and blue.

– Seedy K


  1. Crgabe
    Posted October 30, 2009 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

    Wow…put some banjos behind this and call it Seedy’s Losers. All we’d be missing is Percy Peabody and the Smart Pill Machine!

    Sagarin rates Cards as a 2 point home underdog on the Pure Points model.

  2. cbcard
    Posted October 30, 2009 at 6:06 pm | Permalink

    The real dog is Kragthorpe.

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