SchnellSpeak: 10.25.09

Nothing like adding a Sun Belt scalp on the Fighting Owl Nation’s totem pole of tradition to steer Supreme Commander Big Chief Coach Quote back toward poetic relevance.

It’s been a down year for Florida Atlantic. Thus the Poet Laureate of College Pigskin has been off his feed. (To use a metaphor far too mundane for The Schnell.) Bon mots have been, frankly, few and far between this season.

But FAU rolled yesterday, beating Louisiana Lafayette, 51-29.

So His Eloquency edged back toward the verbose pontification that make this little literary exercise a favorite in his ol’ hometown.

“It was a marquee day in the development of Florida Atlantic football.”

“For the first time this year we raised our level of play. Our offensive numbers were so improved, they’ll probably be records for a long time. But our defensive improvement may have been even greater, and of more value down the road than our offensive improvement was.”

Not Pulitzer. But not bad.

– Seedy K

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