Say It Ain’t So

The Chicago Bears are trying to be a contenda in the National Football League with five — count ‘em, five — players on their roster from Vanderbilt? From Monsters of the Midway to Phantoms of the Opry.

The Tennessee Titans, who started last season 10-0, have started this one 0-6. They’ve lost their las two by a combined score of 90-9. Some sort of Steve McNair curse or something?

Manny Ramirez was pulled late in a playoff game the other night because of defense . . . and left the bench to go take a shower. Gettin’ juiced in an empty locker room?

The U of L/ UK fan rivalry is so virulent the red & black faithful won’t give any props to the Wildcats for a stunning W over Auburn, without the starting QB. Jealousy?

The Steinbrenners have finally bought out the Big Guy in the Sky? How else to explain three disgraceful umpiring calls in the playoffs, two last night, all of which were visibly incorrect, and all of which aided the Yankees?

Louisville’s football team has better stats cumulatively than its opponents in just about every category, yet still finds ways to blow games.

I went 5-0 on my Pick Five Saturday predictions last weekend. You can look it up: Florida Atlantic, Clemson, Southern Cal, Texas and Iowa.

Coach Cal actually let his players toss about the “U” word at Media Day. Undefeated, eh?

When John Wall was asked by reporters how he wanted to be remembered by Kentucky fans, he rambled on for a bit . . . and never mentioned the word “championship.”

Somebody with “a close friend in the athletic department” actually told a pal of mine today that Gruden “was a done deal.”

They counted the goal in the Premier Soccer League game that ricocheted off a beach ball on the field.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher had to issue an apology for wearing a Colts jersey as a gag at a fundraiser while introducing Tony Dungy.

Mark Cuban came out in favor of steroids.

Steve Spurrier accused Alabama of trickeration. Didn’t he used to beat them like a drum when he was at Florida?

Lou Holtz and Digger Phelps still get paid for their opinions at ESPN.

A friend just emailed me to advise that Tom Jurich had lunch today at Checks with Hal Mumme. Unlike the above, it was a joke . . . I think.

– Seedy K

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  1. woody
    Posted October 22, 2009 at 7:59 am | Permalink

    Great Mumme joke, bud.

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